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Small Business Printables: How to use them

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Sometimes it can be really tough to get yourself organised. Meetings, emails and phone calls can confuse you at the worst moment possible. 

If you’re a creative then this can be an issue too. Ideas floating about everywhere and nothing landing on the page when you need it to. Sometimes all it takes it a little concentration and perseverance to achieve your goals.

To make think a little easier you should consider using printables. In recent years, these simple sheets of paper have become extremely popular with entrepreneurs, bloggers, writers and even new mothers! If the thought of a busy day gets you all flustered, then making notes and splitting up your tasks might come as a revelation.

Small Business Printables: How to use them

Let’s explore some of the ways you can adapt printables for your small business and how they can help ease the pressure.

Daily Planning

You can completely revolutionise the way that you work on a daily basis by using these wonderful creations! If you’re creating your own using Adobe, Photobucket or Pic Monkey (among others) then you can experiment with the content. Create areas for ‘To do’, ‘Goals’, ‘Ideas’, ‘Notes’, or ‘Meetings’ and add a time scale. You can then be clear about exactly what you have to do and how much time you have to do it in.

Future Projects

You are the master of your own destiny! If you’ve got an idea for the future, then add it to a printable… and keep adding more. Create a wall of ideas where you display your plans chronologically so you can see what is happening and when.


A lot of us spend far too much time in meetings and don’t always come out of them with the actions we needed in the first place. If you go into the meeting with a dedicated printable that features areas for ideas, actions and challenges then you’re more likely to come out with a clear idea of what you need to achieve.


If you own a shop then you’re going to have stock. Printables are a great way to keep track of what you have sold or what has been returned during a single day. You can then analyse what is selling well and place an order for more!


In recent years we’ve all switched from paper to using our phones. Mobile calendars contain doctor and dentist appointments, meetings, haircuts, kids parties… the list is endless. Perhaps a way to de-stress is to have it all clearly laid out in front of you. Having a printed calendar at hand lets you view the road ahead, without worrying about mounting imaginary appointments.

Social Media Posts

If you’re an avid user of social media you should have a printable for it. That’s not an ‘if’ it’s a must! Plan out when you’re going to tweet, share, like or interact with your clientele. It becomes an awful lot less confusing and you become an awful lot more popular!

To get you started, we've put together a base kit consisting of:

  • Daily appointments sheet
  • Invoice template
  • Weekly planner
  • Contact list
  • Product inventory
  • To do list