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Should you be thinking about training?

At FSB, we’re passionate about supporting small businesses. Adult education is incredibly important and that’s why it appears in our section of Policy Issues and our Westminster based team lobby decision makers in Government to bring about positive changes.

We wanted to take a look at some of the ways that, as a business owner, you can introduce adult education into your small business and reap the rewards.

There are plenty of reasons to start offering training courses or set time aside for private education.

Should you be thinking about training?

Skilled workforce 

Having employees become more skilled will really boost their performance and you’ll see confidence soar sky high. You’ll see a real shift in the atmosphere of your office, shop or site and an increase in the productivity too.

Identifies a skills gap

We’re going to mix two metaphors together here. If you see a gap then you need to fill it, not just paper over the crack. Providing training can close this skills gap, meaning your team can succeed where you might have not in the past.

Makes people feel valued

It’s quite simple, offering to improve someone’s formal education is a great thing to do and will really boost confidence in both themselves and the company.

Save money in the long run

The majority of the time more experienced staff are going to do a good job and become much more efficient. If your employees are well educated in specific areas such as management, leadership or health and safety then less mistakes will be made. This will save you time and money. Bonus!

Play to the strengths of individual

If you notice that one of your employees is particularly gifted in one area then allow them to pursue training. For example, they’re really great when it comes to producing creatives in Photoshop: find an online course that will help them excel. 

Online courses

This is one of the best places to start. Take a look online for specific training courses, some are free and some have a cost, but if your staff are willing to put the time and effort into the initiative then they could come away with some brand new skills that will end up benefiting your business.

Some great websites to take a look at include: Hubspot, Lynda, ALISON and ACAS.


Apprenticeships are always a fantastic option for a small business. They are paid jobs that incorporate on and off the job training – they are an effective way of preserving important skills, transferring knowledge and keeping key trades and professions alive. Recently FSB published a report on Apprentice reform and small business which you can read here.

Most importantly, you need to speak with your staff first. Ask them what they are comfortable with and how they feel they could progress within the business. If you can pin-point a particular training course that will help them to professionally develop, then go for it!

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