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Setting up Your Business at Home

Four million of us in the UK now work from home, that’s equivalent to 14 per cent of the working population. Setting up your own office at home can be just as productive and profitable as working in a traditional office environment. Whether you’re looking to maximise your concentration levels, or increase your financial stability, there are some important points to consider.

 Setting up Your Business at Home

Using the available space

Working from home allows you greater flexibility, especially if you have a family. However, keeping focused on business issues throughout your working day, is crucial to ensure working from home is a success.

Think about the best space to work in your home. Where will you be able to concentrate on your work, without any distractions? Is there an area away from your family, where you’ll be able to focus on work, make phone or video calls without interruptions? If you’re planning to work in a communal, living area, how will you manage your family or friends who want to use it while you’re working? It could be worth speaking to them before you set up, to ensure they understand you need to complete your daily work tasks.

Don’t underestimate the importance of having a professional, working environment. An area that inspires work, free of clutter and household mess will help you concentrate on your work. Will clients or colleagues visit your home for meetings? What impression will they take away with them of your business?

Here are some basic office solutions:

  • Invest in a good office chair and desk to increase your productivity.
  • Have effective storage solutions to keep the entire office area tidy and organised.
  • Reliable technology, such as a phones, laptop/desktop computer, printer, copier, scanner.
  • Good lighting.
  • Personal touches will make you feel comfortable in the environment, and promote you confidence levels.
  • Just as you would in an office, prioritise your tasks for the day, office accessories such as white boards or notice boards are effective for displaying tasks or ideas.
  • Similarly, compile a list of tasks that you have achieved and what you must complete the following day.

Invest in Equipment

While there is no rule-book when it comes to setting up your home office, having the right equipment is vital. It’s worthwhile putting the effort into finding the best equipment and software for your work, other businesses will have done the same, so don’t get left behind. If you’re unfamiliar with any aspect of the technology, it could be worth attending a course that will show you how to use it.

If you find your budget won’t stretch far enough for the equipment you need, we can help. Our FSB Cash Advance service can offer you money upfront, which you will receive within 15 days. The repayments can be made through your debit/credit card sales, or via daily direct debit.

What next?

If you do decide to run your business from home, there are other areas you’ll need to look into. For example; business insurance, reliable broadband, telecom services and expenses. We can help with whatever you need to support your business.


Having separate business and home phone lines are essential to avoid any possible embarrassment, just in case the wrong person answers the phone. As one of the fastest growing providers of telephone lines and call charges, our FSB Telecom is extremely reliable and intuitive. Contact us for a free, no-obligation bill check, to find out how much money we can save your business on calls and lines. Our experienced team will quickly identify where any potential savings can be made. We also have one of the most competitive tariffs on the market, which will make a big difference to your businesses phone bills.

Added benefits:

  • Voicemail to email, never miss an important message again
  • Conference calling, connecting you with customers and colleagues
  • Automated attendant, your very own virtual receptionist
  • Pre-configured handset, always delivered on the next business day
  • FREE installation of telephone lines
  • Our FSB Telecom Service has a wide range of available deals to suit your business needs. All include discounted call rates and free installation of telephone lines.

Small Business Broadband

Wherever your business is based in the UK, access to fast and reliable broadband will be a priority. If your business needs a little bit more from your internet connection, our FSB Telecom Service can also offer an advanced ADSL 2+* service. This will boost your available download speed, and offers a free wireless router. There aren’t any bandwidth restrictions on our ADSL 2+ products, so you’re free to use the internet as much as you need, without any extra monthly charges.

* What are ADSL2 and ADSL2+?

ADSL stands for ‘Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line’. It’s the software that allows greater amounts of data to be transmitted down a telephone line, giving increased upload and download speeds. ADSL2 and ADSL2+ use the same cabling and exchange infrastructure as a regular ADSL connection. However, the software allows for greater amounts of data to be transmitted. A standard ADSL connection offers  24Mbps download and 1Mbps upload, whereas ADSL2 and ADSL2+ offer three times greater upload and download speeds.

Business Mobile Contracts

Our FSB Business Telecom Service can also find you a cost-effective mobile deal for your business. Our 'One and Only' tariff is designed in direct response to our member’s requests. Rather than offering numerous, complex tariff and handset options, ‘One and Only’ instead offers a SIM-only package, using the national Vodafone network. It’s a simple, unlimited tariff with bolt-on options available, whatever your business needs.

Thousands of our members are already benefiting from exclusive member-only deals, including a starting package of £12.50 per month, with all-inclusive packages from only £17.50 per month. This provides unlimited local and national calls, unlimited text messages, unlimited calls to other mobile networks and 1GB of Mobile Data.


Perhaps one of our most popular and important services is our FSB Insurance. For over 20 years we’ve offered our members exclusive access to added benefits and services, on a diverse range of business policies. Cover can include:

  • Public, Employers' and Product Liability – added cover to protect you and your business against negligence claims from employees and members of the public.
  • Material damage - damage to buildings and contents, including accidental damage.
  • Loss of money - money is critical to running a business and sometimes it can go missing.
  • Personal accident and assault cover –for if you or your staff are attacked.
  • Glass and signage – cover for any street facing windows and signage, in case they’re vandalised or accidentally damaged.
  • Goods in transit - cover for your customers' goods in transit, even if they’re in vehicles you don't own, or have any control over.
  • Deterioration of stock - if you have items that need to be kept refrigerated or frozen, this cover includes stock damage of up to a maximum of £5,000, in the event of a refrigeration unit breaking down.
  • Risks to business equipment – protection for business equipment that's not covered by any of the above. Simply request additional cover for specific pieces of equipment, even for when it’s off your business premises.

Unlike most brokers, we offer our members the chance to specifically tailor their policy. If you’re worried about cover for an item that isn’t mentioned above, then feel free to give our advisors a call today and ask their advice.

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