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Saving on your business's energy bills

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  • 15 March 2017

Saving money in business is important. It frees up budget to reinvest into staff, and training and equipment, or helps to provide a financial buffer should something go wrong.

One of the key ways businesses can look to save money is by reducing the overall cost of their energy bills. We’ve highlighted the key areas businesses can focus their attention in order to reap extra savings.

Saving on your business's energy bills

Monitoring usage

One way to help save is to look closely at your business’s energy usage. You can look at how much you are spending on gas, electricity and water each month.

If one area of energy is noticeably higher than another, it could be because your usage for that particular resource isn’t as efficient as it could be and warrants further investigation.

Improving efficiency

Monitoring usage might uncover issues with how efficient your energy usage is. You might discover that staff are ignoring simple methods to reduce energy, like turning off lights and closing doors to help save on electricity and heating bills.

You might also discover that areas of your business premises are poorly insulated, causing the cost of heating to rise. Or you might learn that your current boiler or central heating system need updating with a more modern and fuel-efficient model.

Compare providers

As a business you should make savings wherever you realistically can. Aside from monitoring how efficient your energy usage is, it can be beneficial to look at how much your energy provider is charging.

Shopping around and comparing deals from a variety of business energy providers can help you to lower the cost of your energy bills. This can help you to save money that could then be reinvested into your business to help make it even more energy efficient.