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Reclaim your weekend!

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  • 04 April 2016

At the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) we know that setting up your own business is hard work. As a member-led organisation, we’re well aware of the struggles faced by entrepreneurs across the country.

At first opening a business may have been extremely liberating – especially with the realisation that you have become your own boss.

But going it alone doesn’t necessarily reduce the amount of work you have to do. If you’re working at home by yourself the workload just increases.

We often hear from our members that a small business owner works tremendous hours in the week – and the weekend if no different. Small business heroes, you need time off too!

Reclaim your weekend!

Let’s take a look at some ways you can save time at work during the week and reclaim your weekend:

  • Determine what you NEED to do – Sometimes you can fool yourself into believing you’re being productive. Mentally ticking off medium-sized tasks and avoiding the big jobs that you really need to do won’t help you to effectively run a business. 
    Eliminate this process entirely and sort out the more pressing and urgent matters from the ones that can wait until Monday. As long as you are working towards a target you can throw those notions of being lazy out of the window.

  • Create a calendar – Visuals are a great motivational tool, especially when it comes to organisation. A cheap and effective way to revolutionise your work space is to create whiteboard calendar. 
    Get yourself some black tape, and create a four by seven grid. Each of the squares becomes a day, each set of seven is a week. In the future you can note down important dates, meetings etc.

  • Don’t be distracted – Social media is fantastic! It’s a marvellous way to network and connect with your customer base, but don’t be tempted to spend hours working on your profile when a simple ten-minute scheduling of posts will do the same job and garner the same reach.
    Similarly, avoid wasting precious time trying to engage with new clients, when current clients are screaming out for your attention. Cultivation is key.

  • Start a diary – If you can’t pinpoint what activities are taking up your time, start a diary entry where you can keep track of events. At the end of a working week you can take a look over your notes and determine what needs to be done differently.

  • Email efficiency – We’re all creatures of habit when it comes down to it, that’s why we often leave our email inbox open in the background. But do you ever find yourself thinking “It’s very quiet, I should just check my emails”? We do. All the time. Step away from the inbox! If you close the programme, then you’re less likely to be tempted into checking it again…and again.

  • Take some breaks – Sometimes we think it makes more sense just to work through allotted breaks. Whether you’re running the business by yourself or leading a team of fifteen you will need to have a break every now and then. A break gives your chance to reset your brain instead of overworking it.
    Once you’ve rested, you can then make logical decisions about what work you should be getting on with and you’ll probably be more productive because of it.

By following our small business tips you can shave valuable hours off your working week and finally claim back some of that downtime that you’ve been craving. Let us know how you save yourself time during the week, tweet us @fsb_voice with the #FSBtime. You can also take a look at our Member Benefit page to see how becoming a member of FSB can make life a little bit easier for you.

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