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Reasons why you should run a small business

Initially this article started out as “Five reasons why…” but we soon came to the conclusion that there are always going to be more than five reasons why you should choose to set up and run your own small business.

We’ve listed some of these reasons and also attempted to debunk some of the most common myths you hear about owning a small business.

We’ve put all that information into this blog – so have a read and get in touch if you’ve got anything to add (@FSB_Voice). Without further ado let’s find out why people go into business!


The primary reason anyone goes into business is so that they can work for themselves. There’s nobody to answer to… except perhaps the taxman. 

It’s an incredible relief to work independently and some would and have argued that a successful small business offers more stability than working in a regular nine to five job, especially in the days of zero-hour contracts.


Owning a business offers you the kind of control that a regular job does not. You are the master of your own destiny, how great does that sound?

From speaking to small business owners and FSB members, we know that having complete control and freedom to choose the direction of your business and who you work with are two of the issues that really matter.

We should point out that there are rules and regulations that you need to abide by when running a SME, but overall the direction of your business is in your hands.

Reasons why you should run a small business


The general consensus is that if you’re running a business you can spend more time with your family and friends. For the first few years you might struggle to get out on time or even give yourself days off.

A brand new business is kind of like a small child, it needs time, attention and dedication. Sometimes you have to make certain sacrifices.

You’re in demand!

You have rare skills, offer a specific service or you’re an expert in your field – taking advantage of that position while you can is a sign of a true entrepreneur. If an opportunity presents itself – go for it!


We’ve mentioned this point in the past because it’s really important. A lot of SME owners work alone and that’s great! But you might have the opportunity to hire employees, so why not add to job creation in the UK and enhance your skills as an employer?

Pride and Prosperity

Nurturing a business from day one and seeing it flourish is incredibly rewarding, it’s a magnificent achievement and one to be proud of. 

It’s also worth remember that a business can be passed from parent to child, it gives you the chance to pass on useful skills and valuable knowledge.

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