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Reaching new customers

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  • 04 February 2016

The most successful businesses are always looking at ways in which to reach out to customers; to replace clients who are no longer with the business or to increase their customer base and improve profits.

Reaching new customers

There are many ways in which to do this but, first and foremost, being social is the key. This may be through the use of social media or through such measures as direct mail.

Reaching out to customers by mail can involve sending out a simple postcard or a full-blown newsletter, or perhaps an invitation to an event or a focus group.

The benefits to your business of a commitment to this type of communication can far outweigh the spend on direct mail services, especially if you seek-out the most cost-effective methods.

Our members, for example, can make use of the FSB business mail service, which can help to reduce printing and mailing costs by more than 70 per cent in many cases.

Our mail solutions may not only save you money, but also time, offering the option to carry out a range of tasks such as creating and despatching business communications direct from a smart device or your own computer.

Making the practical elements of reaching out to customers as easy as possible, should enable you to spend more time on working on your communication strategy and dealing with the response to your marketing efforts.

It can allow you to spend the time on meeting and talking with clients, customers and contacts at focus groups and at your own events, in addition to making it possible for you or members of your team to attend other events, where you can get your faces known and your business noticed.

Networking at events is rarely a waste of time; offering the perfect opportunity to hand out business cards and to talk about your own business and the services or products that you can offer.

They are also excellent arenas for learning, whether that comes from listening to feedback from customers or finding out more about the successes and failures of other businesses in attempting to reach out to their customers.

Listening and understanding what your current and future customers want and need is also key, whether you are looking after existing business or aiming for client base growth.

All clients and customers want to feel that they really are central to your business; both in the way in which you serve them and in the manner in which you reach out.

Personalising your communications, even if it is simply with a first name added to an email, for example, can go a long way in encouraging engagement with your business, as can focusing on communicating far more than just repeated calls to buy.

Reaching out to customers is vital but this must also be accompanied by a concerted effort to engage them. Follow-up on promises made, and build up a loyal client base that will, in turn, reach out to further customers on your behalf.

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