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Protect your business

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  • 28 November 2015

Whether you have decided to set up your own small business recently, or you have been self-employed for many years, you will be aware that both legal and tax investigation expenses can be very high.

Protect your business

Imagine this scenario, your small business has found itself subjected to a HMRC investigation, and as unpleasant as that situation could be, it would be far worse if your business wasn’t covered by an outside insurance provider such as FSB. On average, a full HMRC investigation lasts for 16 months and can cost up to (if not over) £5,000 in accountancy fees. FSB’s Tax Investigation Protection provides both advice and financial support when you’re in need of it most.

Perhaps you find yourself or an employee called up for Jury Service, this can put added strain on small businesses because it often incurs additional charges. These charges can come from the cost of temporary replacement staff or a loss of salary for the employer themselves.

Our Legal Protection Scheme isn’t just a want for any SME, it’s a must have. At FSB, we’re fully aware of the legal costs and pressures faced by small business owners across the UK, so we have specifically tailored a Legal Protection Scheme to support you. Once you’re a member you will have access to a wealth of information and a comprehensive range of support materials, whether it’s from the Legal Information Online Hub or our 24 hour Legal Advice line.

Our Legal Protection Scheme also includes these key features:

  • Tax and VAT Advice
  • Health and Safety Support
  • Legal Indemnity Insurance
  • Employment Tribunal Insurance
  • Jury Service Insurance
  • Property Disputes
  • Criminal Prosecution
  • Statutory License

Added extras such as the Health and Safety Training videos give you the peace of mind when it comes to your staff and their well-being. The added strain of training is taken away for you.

With up to £50,000 worth of cover for a single claim, you can’t afford not to join us today. These aren’t frivolous add-ons, they’re an absolute necessity.

Cyber Protection from FSB

FSB Cyber Protection includes an insurance policy with cover of up to £10,000 and an unlimited use helpline to answer all your Cyber Security questions.

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