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More FSB Services You Might Not Know About

Since 1974, the Federation of Small Businesses (or FSB) has been looking after the needs of small-business owners and self-employed people, providing relevant information and advice and lobbying on issues that affect them. We provide a wide range of benefits to our 200,000 members, offering a far-reaching selection of services to suit member needs. Here are five lesser-known FSB services that you probably were not aware of.

More FSB Services You Might Not Know About

Vehicle Services

Buying company vehicles can place pressure on valuable financial resources, which are often limited in small businesses. At the FSB, we offer members the opportunity to lease or hire vehicles through our Vehicle Services scheme, in conjunction with leading vehicle leasing and fleet management company Arval. By making a fixed monthly payment for vehicle leasing for your business, you can better manage your financial affairs without worrying about any aspects such as vehicle depreciation or having to sell any vehicles on. We supply a great choice of brand new vehicles, offering you flexibility and affordability. Our helpline is also on hand to provide any relevant assistance and advice you may require from a dedicated team of professionals. Crucially, you can also gain tax benefits by taking advantage of this member scheme.

Cash Advance

Small businesses looking to grow may find it hard to secure finance from traditional sources such as banks, but the FSB Business Cash Advance scheme can prove a valuable alternative to members. In association with FSB Mobile Card Payment Terminals, provided by 123Send, we are able to help finance your business plans in just 15 working days, without requiring security against your assets. We appreciate that no small business wants to end up in financial trouble, so we link the cash advance to your cash flow and repayments are made at an agreed percentage. That way, you can spread out your repayments at an affordable rate to suit your business.

Business Telecom

We recognise how important it is for a small business to look for ways to reduce spending, especially when starting out or expanding its operations. One of the ways that we aim to help our members cut costs is by offering a subsidised Business Telecom service. Through reduced rates, our members collectively save over £10 million a year from this scheme. We offer different packages to suit your business requirements, whether you are looking for free installation, unlimited calls or super-fast broadband.

Business Fuel Card

Whether you run just a single car for your business or you operate an entire fleet, the cost of fuel can place a significant burden on any type of business operation. At the FSB, we provide members with a Business Fuel Card that can offer plenty of benefits. By achieving preferential rates, we are able to get you great deals on your fuel, saving you up to 3p per litre on average. Our Business Fuel Card is also accepted at most fuel stations, so you won't need to drive miles wasting precious fuel in order to find a participating supplier. As well as saving you money, we can help cut down the administrative effort required to manage business fuel expenses by providing a free and easy-to-use online account management system that allows you to monitor your fuel card spend at any time. With over 11 different products to suit your needs, and an HMRC-approved VAT invoice for your fuel purchases, the scheme offers members great flexibility whilst cutting costs.