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Make Your Marketing Emails Work For You

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  • 16 October 2015

There are many in-depth guides and experts out there who can give you extensive advice on email marketing, whether you want to execute a single campaign or build up a comprehensive internet marketing strategy. However, we believe in getting the basics right before moving onto more complex issues. This is why we have compiled this essentials guide to the major factors you will need to consider in order to ensure your email marketing has the best potential possible for achieving success.

Make Your Marketing Emails Work For You

Avoid mail hail

Whilst it is vital to stay in touch with existing customers or clients and engage with new ones, bombarding people with email after email is more likely to irritate than prompt positive action. Well-timed and well-targeted, personalised email marketing is far more likely to get positive results than a battering-ram approach that aims to simply wear people down. People will just want to remove themselves from your mailing list if they cannot see anything in their inbox except your company name.

Be memorable

So, you have decided that you will not send out emails every half-an-hour, but that means that when you do send out a message, it must be memorable. Keep your messages short and to the point. People are busy and are likely to simply click close when confronted with the email equivalent of War and Peace. Think carefully about how you can set your email apart from the rest. From the title of your email to the action you want the reader to take, your correspondence needs to be clear and engaging, making the recipient want to not only open it but to read it to the end - and act.

Make leads count

The Federation of Small Businesses advises you to work hard at finding leads and making them count. In doing this, we know that you will not waste time sending out thousands of emails to people who will never be interested in your product and service. Good leads will enable you to target the right people and to personalise what you send out. The latter is vital in terms of increasing engagement and building-up successful long-term relationships. This may extend to sending out emails to mark clients' birthdays or ensuring that people receive emails about things you know they already have an interest in. Even personalising a name can go a long way.

Banish the fair-weather friend

Featuring links to relevant pages of your website or highlighting current offers is a major function of email marketing, but don't just contact people when you want something. We all like to be made to feel appreciated and special. This is why emails offering a ‘thank you' discount or simply just wishing people a ‘Merry Christmas' can have such a beneficial effect.