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Local support for small businesses

Supporting small business is our business. Find out how our team of local Development Managers work for you.

As a small business owner, and especially if you work by yourself, life can sometimes get a little lonely. Even if you spend your days with clients, it’s not quite the same as talking to people in the same boat as you. Some things are unique to specific areas, so talking it over with someone in a different part of the country may not help ease your concerns.

Local support for small businessesAs great as the “global village” of the online world is, sometimes it’s good to take  time out, and go have a cup of tea and a chat with real people. As well as a team of volunteer business activists, did you know FSB has a Development Manager in each of the 33 FSB regions?

Development Managers are staff employed specifically to not only represent FSB locally, but also to represent the interests of small businesses on a local level. They talk to local councils and MPs, raise small business specific concerns and make sure that you are represented in the decisions that could affect your business.

As well as working on behalf of local small business owners, the Development Managers support their Activists on local Committees with many events hosted by the Region and various FSB Branches. This means that wherever you are, you’re sure to find something nearby that will give you the opportunity to find new ways to do business,  chat to likeminded business owners about the issues affecting you, and get some inspiration from others who may have already overcome the hurdle you’re facing now.

FSB also has lobbying arms in Westminster, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales, which means we work hard to make the voice of small businesses heard across the UK. Whether you are a member or not, FSB is on your side. Our team of experts provide advice and support through the benefits available to members, as well as local support where you live.

FSB is dedicated to making your business grow, so why not find your local region and  have a look at the local business news and events.  We hope to see you soon and share in your business journey!