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International Festival for Business: We spoke to seminar host David Taylor

In the run-up to this year’s International Festival for Business held in Liverpool, we’ve had the chance to speak directly to FSB’s Corporate Communications Co-ordinator, David Taylor, about a subject that’s very important to him: social media. 

David is the author of ‘The Business of Being Social’ and believes that if you’re a business owner the subject should be important to you too.

He’ll be talking delegates through his six-step programme which is designed to help you create a ‘socially-adaptive’ business with international reach. It isn’t a straightforward process and it won’t necessarily happen overnight, but it could ensure that your business is able to trade successfully outside the UK.

So David, you're taking part in the IFB conference this year, what's the theme of your seminar?

Social media not only affects obvious areas such as sales, marketing and IT but it also has large implications for PR, recruitment, supply chain management, customer relations and even product development. So it is vital that all business owners understand the implications of operating in an increasingly digital, global marketplace.

You've been working really closely with FSB over the past year, how has the organisation developed during that time?

There has been a massive appetite to change the way we communicate to our members and also to the wider smaller business community in the UK. We’re also seeing the benefits of having a properly integrated social media strategy which is starting to bear fruit in terms of less reliance on email, better member engagement, improved brand awareness and a sales force who can use the social networks to recruit more members.

How has the world changed in terms of doing business abroad, since FSB was set up?

Back in 1974, it was nigh on impossible for a youngster to set up a business in their parents’ spare bedroom and trade internationally. Now with the advent of digital communications, this has become an ever more common reality. There are now plenty of 20 and 30-somethings doing business abroad thanks to the internet and social media. Technology breaks down so many barriers – not least, geographical ones.

What are the top three things people can learn from your talk?

1. It’s necessary to have a proper short and long term business strategy – this is critical in an ever-changing, increasingly digital world
2. Think about how you communicate and be creative, both here in the UK and in the countries you wish to do business with
3. Be prepared to embrace change

You can see David’s seminar, “Six steps to making social media work for your business internationally”?’ this Tuesday (21st June) at 5pm.

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