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In case of emergency, click here!

If there is something that we understand at the Federation of Small Businesses - it’s how important your business is to you. It might just seem like a small enterprise to others, but to you it’s your world. Sadly floods, fires, hurricanes and earthquakes all come with a frighteningly large price-tag attached. With the rate of natural disasters increasing and weather becoming more unpredictable in the twenty-first century, it only makes sense to ensure that your business is completely protected in the future.

In case of emergency, click here!

In the past it may have been adequate for you to simply take out a business insurance policy, and it would have seemed like it was enough, especially you’d never had to make a claim. As a responsible business owner, make sure you know exactly what you’ll need to get your business up and running again.

Why do I need a Business Continuity Plan?

Imagine this scenario: you own a shop in a small village that sells ornaments both in store and online. Incoming tourism brings in a substantial amount of floor sales, but online orders are also doing quite well. 

Now visualise this: the area is hit by severe storms for a period of two weeks. Not only do you discover serious damage to your property, but your sales have temporarily ceased in the shop and you’ve lost access to your broadband supply due to falling trees. Ultimately you find yourself unable to manage the online orders. So what would you do? It’s a difficult question and that’s where our continuity service comes into play.

It is now thought that just over 80 per cent of businesses that are affected by incidents, whether natural or manmade, are never able to recover. As a preventative measure an FSB Business Continuity plan is an absolute must-have.

It’s always wise to prepare yourself in case of any emergency and even more importantly prepare your business for the aftermath. You may also find that when applying for bank loans and other services, the provider may wish to see a business continuity plan. A plan may also be legally required as part of your contract.

What can FSB do for me?

FSB Business Continuity service gives our members the chance to prepare their business for any eventuality and sets them up with a plan to recover after an emergency.

As a free right of membership, we provide advice and guidance in respect of insurance and include a complimentary Business Continuity Report to get you started. Further to this, if you would like to go ahead with the continuity plan then our expert advisers are available to guide you through the process via phone or email.

Our FSB Business Continuity service also includes:

  • Direct access to branded FSB protector service policies
  • Access to our FSB Business Continuity Portal – provides a easy to use template for your plan
  • Use of the members advice line – If you’re struggling we can offer to assist you at a competitive rate
  • We have teamed up with Experian Group to give FSB members 20 per cent discount for all reports
  • UK and international legal support

Make sure that unfortunate incidents only cause interruption, not complete disruption.

At FSB, we have got your small business needs covered. Take a look at our FSB Business Continuity page where you can find more information, and if you’re not a member yet then take the opportunity to sign up now.

FSB Business Continuity from FSB

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