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How to promote a new business

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  • 20 March 2017

Promoting a new business can be a daunting experience. There are many factors to consider, and it may feel like you don’t know where to start. To make the process simpler, here are some tips on how to promote your new business.

How to promote a new business

Ways to promote your business

You need to begin by deciding on how exactly you are going to promote your business. This can take a number of forms, such as:

  • Print
  • Online
  • Radio
  • TV
  • Social Media

However, there is often a cost incurred when promoting a business using one of these means, either to pay for the creation of an advert or to pay for it to be broadcast or circulated. As your business is getting off the ground you might not necessarily have the funding to do this effectively. So what are the other options?

Start small

Friends and family will likely be your first and simplest networking opportunity. When you don’t yet have a sizeable customer base to rely on, your initial networking through friends and family can grow your business from a grassroots level.

Start your business off right by making sure your early customers - even if they are friends and family - leave with a positive experience.

British customers today are more likely than ever to complain about bad service. Ombudsman Services found that, in 2015, 47% of Brits “actioned” a complaint by going to the supplier or a third party.

Consistently offering positive customer service can lead to exponential growth for your business, and avoid a chain reaction of negative feedback.

What separates you from the competition?

Customers are often less invested in the exact features of your products and services; what they want to know about instead are the benefits of your products and services. You may have a similar business idea than a competitor, but something about what you offer should stand out and separate you from any other competitors.

Do you provide something extra that others don’t? Can you provide more benefits to using your service that others cannot match? Try and pin down some key factors and use these as a cornerstone of your marketing plan.

Get involved with the community

Maybe your business has more of a national-level scope, or maybe you’re focused specifically on leading the local market? Whichever your goal is, your early promotion and marketing is likely going to start locally and expand from there.

Competitions through social media can turn viral quickly as more and more people see your service. You can also look for any local events taking place that your services can benefit, offer to provide equipment or sponsor them. This could be a case of providing prizes for a local charity night or sponsoring a part of a larger business event. These short term financial investments can lead to long-term sizeable gains through continual exposure.

How can FSB help promote my business?

It can be hard to plan the marketing and promotion of your new business in the early stages, but giving due diligence to the topic will provide benefits for years to come.

FSB Business Creation provides people looking to establish their own business access to a range of services designed to help and support new start-ups.

These services include access to:

  • Help with company formation
  • A dedicated help and advice line
  • Insurance services
  • Payment services
  • Networking support

To find out more about how you could benefit from FSB Business Creation get in touch with a member of the team or visit our FSB Business Creation page.