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How to make people love your business

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  • 11 February 2016

We all know that our business is clearly the best available, with our unique products, services, and definitely the best ever customer service. But how do we get that message out to potential customers?

In relatively recent times it was not unusual to see administrators sitting individually folding printed pages of advertising, placing them into envelopes and posting them off to lists of companies. Several companies started up offering business mailing services, charging on a pence per envelope basis.

How to make people love your business

But very quickly clients began to realise that these mass mailshots and the information they contained were by no means always getting past the "gate keeper". Even with the lower costs of digital printing, and desktop publishing, many firms believed that this was no longer the most cost effective way of reaching potential customers.

In the electronic era, group emails, direct marketing and social media has taken over and have allowed even the smallest of businesses to undertake their own marketing and promotion. Setting up a Facebook business page could not be easier, and as well as a promotional tool, FB can be used as a sales platform with a virtual shop, and as a business development tool with market research and surveys.

Through competitions, vouchers and interesting or humourous blogs it is possible to rapidly increase your customer base. The challenge is to ensure that you are balancing the quantity of posts to a level whereby you don’t annoy your potential customers. It is essential that you offer them something they will want to click on and read, or comment on and preferably tag or share.

Another way into businesses is to offer free advice for the product or service you are offering. The FSB can provide you with business leads. By offering an initial consultation, or taster you may well tempt customers to try other products or services. This gives you the opportunity to provide such a fantastic customer experience that they will definitely be back for more and will certainly tell their friends about the fabulous company they have found.

Some things never change and by far the most reliable and productive way to make sure that people love your business is to provide them with a fantastic customer experience. This in turn leads to the most fruitful form of marketing - word of mouth. Conversion rates on a personal recommendation far outweigh any other form of advertising, marketing or mail shot.

Offering incentives to your happy customers for giving recommendations, such as vouchers, discounts or additional services, is almost invariably a sound investment. Carefully constructed marketing with ‘bring a friend’ or, depending on your business, perhaps money back when a recommendation signs up can be extremely effective - and profitable.

Making people love your business is a challenge, but if you offer clients the right experience, excellent follow-up or problem solving and most importantly make them feel valued in the increasingly faceless e-commerce world, this will go a long way to ensure that you stay in the forefront of your customer's mind.