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How to get legal support for your business

No matter what the scale of the issue is, you might have any number of legal concerns within your business that you’d like to be put to rest in some way, or you might be facing something a little more serious and need some help.

To help ease the stress a little, we’ve put together this guide on how you can find and pursue legal support for your business.

How to get legal support for my business

Official government sources and other online information

The British government encourages budding entrepreneurs and benefits greatly from seeing a wide range of small businesses thrive within the economy. To help you make sure you form and operate your business correctly and cover yourself legally, the government keeps a wide range of business-relevant information available online through the Gov.UK website.

The support available ranges from step-by-step guides on how to register your business, to making sure you know exactly what you need to do to follow health and safety regulations. But, if you need more personal legal guidance, there are helplines and email support available for any questions or concerns you might have about legal best practise and meeting regulations.

Other sources of legal advice and support you could make use of include the FSB Resource Hub. Our Resource Hub contains a wide range of guides, news pieces and documents that cover all aspects of running a business and legal advice to help you feel more at ease.

Making the most of local resources

If you’d prefer something a little more personal, the government is also again a helpful resource. In 2011, the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills set up a business “Growth Hub” initiative, intended to facilitate and increase growth and employment in local areas.

These Growth Hubs are partnerships between local authorities and businesses, and are commonly known as local enterprise partnerships. 38 local enterprise partnerships exist across England, and your nearest one can be found here.

Your local partnership will always be available to contact  and will also organise events which you can attend in order to learn a little more about the operation of a business and get any legal questions you might have answered.

Similarly, many law firms will often organise free open clinics that you can attend and get some legal advice at. Whether it’s a simple matter that can be solved that day, or something a little more serious that might require hiring additional legal support, law firms will be able to provide you with the guidance you need.

How can FSB help with your business’s legal support?

Whatever legal issues you may have, big or small, FSB is there to help you solve them.

FSB’s Legal Protection Scheme is available with our FSB Business Essentials package, and we are sure it can provide you with what you need to deal with any legal issues.

Benefits of this service include:

  • Legal costs insurance, including criminal prosecution defence, employment tribunal representation, and statutory licence protection
  • 24 hour Legal Advice helpline
  • Health and safety advice and support

To find out more about this service, visit our FSB Legal Protection Scheme page. If you’d like to take a look at the other benefits included in the Business Essentials package, or to see how else FSB can benefit your business, take a look at our package comparison page.

Legal Protection Scheme from FSB

Legal protection covers various scenarios and ensures you and your business are covered

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