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How to get better at email marketing

You might think, when regarding the state of your inbox, that email marketing is a dead end and a waste of time. But, with the right strategy and a few tweaks, it still has a place in your business.

We’ve all done it. We wanted a freebie promised on a website, blithely entered our email address to get our hands on it. Then possibly never even opened that freebie, because when we actually have it, it loses its magical power of enticement and is just a cheap trinket.

How to get better at email marketing

Our mailbox, however, is filled with a steady stream from the mailing list now adding constantly to our never ending influx of emails which we delete but never unsubscribe from.

Smarter not harder

Despite our possible aversion to emails, you can still harness the powers of yore. If you do it right.

You might think your message is a bright and happy invitation for your web visitors to have access to your knowledge and insights and of course they need that, but what people see is: I know you already get hundreds of emails a day, but how about one more?

To stand out in the oversubscribed world, you need to make sure that your offering adds actual value to your subscribers’ day. Here are some of our top tips to make your emails worth the time you spend creating them.

Make a smashing first impression

Isn’t it a bit of a let-down when you sign up to a free online mini course or a newsletter and all you get is a standard “thanks for joining” email?

Make sure you land in their mailbox with a great big thump. Write a creative welcome email, start as you mean to continue. You want people to read your emails and even look forward to hearing from you. Use your welcome email to tell people how you’re going to solve their problem.

Use a proper template

Don’t just go for the standard stuff that comes with your email package. Spend the time and, if necessary, money, to get an email template created that is on brand. A template will save you time in the long run, ensure consistency in your communications and strengthen your brand.

Get the hang of auto responders

Auto responders are a great help, especially when you’re trying to build up your mailing list. An auto responder send a single or series of emails based on specific event triggers. This can be anything from someone reading a specific post in your blog or opting in for a mini course you created. Learn how to use them properly and they’ll make your email workload significantly lighter.

Don’t overdo it

Make sure that the emails you send to your subscribers add value. You don’t need to send an email for everything. Choose your message wisely. Is this something you’d want to see in your inbox? Something you would be willing to read?

Similarly, a very long winded email isn’t likely to be something people have the time or inclination to read. Be succinct, and point your reader to a full blog post if they want to read more. Your email should contain key takeaways so it’s a full, independent piece of information with an option to expand on this by reading a full post.

Clean up

Always make sure you keep on top of your list. With the proper tools, you shouldn’t have to worry about sending emails to people who have unsubscribed. But it’s also a good idea to see how many people actually engage with your emails.

Do periodic checks of how many click throughs you get from your emails. Consider contacting your subscribers who have not responded in any way to your emails and offer them a chance to un-subscribe.

This may sound counter intuitive but you’ll either remind the person why they subscribed to begin with, or you’ll do the right thing and bow out gracefully where you’re no longer needed.

Email marketing can be an incredibly useful tool for your business. Experiment until you find the formula that works for you, and your subscribers.