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How much does business insurance cost?

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  • 01 February 2017

Protecting your business and you staff against different issues such as accidents, damage, fire or theft, is important and required by law.

However, the cost of insurance cover for a business can vary depending on a number of factors. We explain the different areas that can impact how much your business insurance costs.

How much does business insurance cost?

Size of your business

One influencing factor is the size of your business. This can cover a range of areas, including:

  • The number of places you need to cover, such as different business premises and sites. For example, owning a number of shops or offices will require insurance for individual premises. This can in turn increase the amount you can expect to spend.
  • The number of employees you have can also influence the cost of insurance, and employers’ liability cover is required by law. If your business has a lot of employees, the amount you can expect to pay will be more than if you have a very small team.

Types of cover

Depending on your business you might require different forms of insurance, which can vary in cost. For example, if your business premises deal with the public, you’ll need to have insurance in place in the event that someone slips, falls, or hurts themselves while on your premises.

Other examples of different cover for your business might need to include, covering drivers for deliveries made using your business vehicles.

If you work as a tradesperson, it can also be worth insuring the contents of your works van to cover your tools, in case the van is stolen.

How can the FSB help with your business insurance?

Finding the right insurance for your business and ensuring you have the correct levels of cover can be time consuming. There are a range of products available, each with their own distinct options and benefits.

To help FSB members deal with this issue, we provide access to expert insurance services. Designed to help our members find the best value polices for their business, these services include:

  • Offering business cover and claims advice
  • Finding you higher levels of insurance cover where possible
  • Providing free business insurance quotations, with no obligation

To find out more about how we can help find the most cost-effective insurance cover for your business, speak to a member of our team or visit our FSB Insurance Service web page.

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