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How Mobile Technology is Affecting Your Business

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  • 16 October 2015

The growing use of mobile technology has led to significant changes in the way that people communicate with one another. And for businesses this means that there are new ways to engage with customers and clients, as well as fresh challenges to face when it comes to getting noticed and meeting expectations.

How Mobile Technology is Affecting Your Business

The first issue facing small businesses is how best to cater to customers who are searching for products and services using a smartphone or tablet device. Making a site visible through search engine optimisation is still important, but many companies are also embracing social media tools to help spread the word about what they offer.

Responsive web design is another important asset for businesses, because it means that sites can automatically adapt to enable intuitive ease of use, no matter what type of device is being used to access them. Meanwhile, those that rely solely on a desktop site may be missing out as more and more browsers arrive on portable devices and are unable to make full use of the interface, negatively impacting sales as a result.

Mobility concerns many members of the Federation of Small Businesses because of how it is altering employee habits as well. A BYOD (bring your own device) culture is permeating many industries, meaning that personal smartphones and tablets are being used for work purposes, whether or not such activities are officially sanctioned.

This can lead to questions over data security and access management. And the loss or theft of a device can put mission-critical information at risk, as well as lead to embarrassment for the organisation as a whole.

The benefits of increased mobility cannot be ignored, even in the face of threats. This is because smartphones and tablets empower employees to remain productive and contactable when they are on the move, increasing the efficiency of an organisation and allowing for collaboration between colleagues to continue, no matter what their geographic location.

Mobile technology needs to be embraced by businesses so that they can adapt to the emerging habits of both customers and employees. An organisation can seem more impressive if it is ready to focus on delivering an exceptional mobile experience, putting itself in a strong position to adapt to future changes and challenges.

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