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How do you inspire and motivate your staff?

As the saying goes, “you work to live, not live to work”, but isn’t it a little more enjoyable when you can really love what you do? It’s even more rewarding when you have a dedicated and enthusiastic team behind you that are willing to put in the work when you need them to.

In today’s society you will meet so many people who have become disenchanted or disengaged with their job, the monotonous clocking in and clocking out relentlessly drives them down into a pit of despair, but why?

The simple answer is engagement. They don’t feel connected to what they do so they just do it.

We often hear that the happiest employees are surrounded by other happy workers and an even happier boss. So if you’re a small business owner and you want to improve morale, you’ve come to the right place! Let’s take a look at how you, as a manager, can motivate your employees.

Be passionate

Being passionate about what you do it is an attribute that you just can’t buy. If you love your small business make sure that your employees knows it, it’s going encourage them to feel the same way. 

Don’t worry, you might not consider yourself a passionate individual, but be brave. Perseverance is key! Creating a positive work environment can work wonders for the entire company.

Provide the right tools

This is one of the biggest problems we have in business, not just in the UK but across the world. Be aware of what your staff need; whether that be everyday office equipment, tools to enhance customer service or something simple for the kitchen. 

Back them up: as long as they feel supported they will endeavour to work hard for you.

How do you inspire and motivate your staff?

Dignity and respect

I’m sure the majority of you will aim to treat those around you with both dignity and respect, but it’s always worth putting it out there anyway.

Share your vision

A small business is a long-term project, so you should communicate what you want to happen and where you want to take everyone. Your staff should really feel like they’re on board for the ride and their opinion matters to you! Think about creating a ‘Vision Wall’ where you can display goals and achievements.

Impart knowledge

From news about the business to words of wisdom or even inspiring stories with real meaning attached: there are of plenty of ways that you can impart knowledge to staff. 
Also, while we’re on the subject, remember that you might learn a thing or two from them. Listen when you can.

Encourage feedback

Nobody is perfect, nobody! Feedback is incredibly valuable and so many people underestimate the power it holds. Adapt and improve, that’s how you become truly successful. So who better to offer you feedback than those that you manage on a day to day basis?


Now how can you tell if your actions are working? Analysis! Compare results from both before and after the date when you started to make positive changes. 

Ask certain questions: Are staff willing to work harder? Are they investing themselves in the business? Do they seem happier? Even questions such as: Do I know more about them? Do they trust me?

With anything you do, analysis is the key, even in this instance. Measuring success rates is a great way to find out if you’ve made the right changes or if you need to make more in the near future.

Are you a small business owner who has tried to alter your company’s culture? Get in touch via @FSB_Voice on Twitter and let us know how you went about it.