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​How do I generate leads for my business?

There is no one lead generation tool that can guarantee you that the majority of the people and businesses you reach out to will convert to customers. That said, there are many different avenues you can take advantage of to maximise both the base you reach and the potential for new customers.

Making use of databases

 How do I generate leads for my business?

Databases are an extremely useful tool to provide you with a sizeable list of businesses and their contact details for you to reach out to. Though it may seem like a database provides too much information, you should bear  in mind that, in the early stages, this is essentially cold marketing. You’re contacting businesses blind and some may not even require  your services.

However, you’re then able to discount those businesses from the list. It may take some time to narrow down a database to a list of potential clients, but once you do, you will have the ability to focus your efforts on those businesses specifically.

Perhaps it might even take a while as you build up a rapport and demonstrate the value of your product in the market, but it’s an effective way to open up dialogue with hopeful clients.

Physical marketing

Even in the digital age, physical marketing shouldn’t be discounted. You may utilise it less than a business might have done ten years ago, but a marketing strategy that works on multiple levels is far more effective than a strategy based on  just a single avenue.

How you do this could differ based on your aims. For example, if you’re contacting members of the public, then devoting a small amount of your marketing budget to flyers that you post locally could be an effective way to reach our.

If you’re aiming at turning fellow businesses into clients, consider organising a networking event. You could even make use of a database to invite business to it, combining two marketing strategies in one.

Invite multiple businesses and industry leaders to your event, provide a quality establishment with refreshments, and provide some key speakers to give the attendees some new information to digest and discuss. You can use the time during and after the event to build friendly and professional relationships between the attendees and your business.

A comprehensive social media presence

While meeting face to face is helpful it’s important not to  neglect the possibilities that social media can provide to your business for lead generation. 

Twitter and LinkedIn are networks that could help facilitate a high level of engagement between businesses that could serve as new clients, or encourage engagement with your brand by opening up conversations with industry leaders. 

Facebook is currently the largest social network on the market, so, if you have a strong customer facing B2C business, a strong presence there can help you reach out to a wide range of customers.

Even something as simple as a giveaway can explode in popularity through social media. While not everyone who engages with the giveaway will necessarily want to become a customer, it will ensure that your brand reaches a huge number  of people for a relatively small financial cost.