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How do I decide on the right vehicle for my business?

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  • 28 February 2017

Your business might rely on vehicles, either to transport goods for deliveries, carry equipment, or help staff to go and see clients.

Deciding on the right vehicle involves looking at several key areas within your business, as this blog explains.

How do I decide on the right vehicle for my business?


Cost is a major factor when looking for any vehicle. You have a range of purchasing options to consider.

The main thing to consider is the cost it will incur to your business. Does your budget allow you to buy a vehicle or is hiring a more suitable option?

While buying outright from a dealership can be more expensive, it gives you complete ownership of the vehicle. In comparison, leasing a vehicle is a cost-effective alternative, but the vehicle will belong to another company.

Your choice should come down to what your business can comfortably afford and be based on the requirements you have. For example, while hired vehicles have allowances for wear and tear, work vans will naturally pick up scratches and dents due to how they’re used. It can therefore be better to buy a van and lease or hire cars for some staff.


The type of business you have should determine the type of vehicle you require. Tradesmen, for instance, will need something to carry their tools and equipment to and from jobs. Whereas staff, who work in sales and travel around the country meeting clients, will need a vehicle capable of comfortably handling long-distance trips.

Knowing what type of work a vehicle will be used for in your company is a good starting point for finding a vehicle that adequately fulfils your business’s needs.

You should think about:

  • The size of items that are transported
  • Where they are taken – do you work in the country or in urban environments?
  • The tools you need to carry out a task
  • Logistically, the area your business covers
  • Is a car your only option for transport, or can you use the train instead?

The future

To decide on the right vehicle for your staff, you should also look at what the future holds for your business.

For instance, do you plan to offer new products or services? If so, are the vehicles you currently use up to the task?

In doing this, not only are you investing in new vehicles to handle your business’s current services. By keeping any future changes in mind when selecting new vehicles, you’re also ensuring that you and your staff are properly equipped for your company’s development.