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How can you effectively use company cars in a small business?

You might think that only large companies can justify having leased company cars. In reality, it can make really good business sense for lots of small businesses to lease as well. 

Leasing vehicles can bring you a significant financial advantage. Why is this? Because you are spreading the costs associated with using them. When you lease, instead of spending thousands up front on buying vehicles, you have more capital to use in your business. 

To put it another way, leasing can make a major difference to your cash flow. In addition to the financial advantages that come with leasing, it means that someone else is helping you deal with all the decisions and admin that goes with vehicle ownership.

Not only that, having access to lease company vehicles gives you the flexibility to support your business and your team in all kinds of ways while at the same time keeping track of what that activity is costing you. So how might a company car be useful for a small business?

How can you effectively use company cars in a small business?

Need to transport staff and customers?

In effect, your business has its own taxi service parked outside. If your employees need a way to get home when public transport is not an option, using a company car can make a lot of sense. For example, some businesses in the catering trade often have to fetch and carry staff either because they are working late at night or their place of work is off the beaten track. 

In the same way, perhaps you are regularly asked to fetch valued guests or customers from the railway station or the airport. Knowing that you have a business-like vehicle for the job helps to create the right impression. Why not make it easier to monitor the cost of all those times that you need to use a car for your business by using a leased vehicle? 

Making deliveries 

Of course if you are clocking up a lot of miles making deliveries, a leased vehicle will definitely make a lot of sense. But even if delivery is not a major part of what you do, perhaps a company vehicle would be really useful for getting something to your customers when they need it fast? 

Transport for the sales team

It is well worth thinking about providing company cars for those working in sales. Leasing really helps to take some of the strain off you and allows you to concentrate on growing the business by increasing sales, instead of having to think about whether employees have got the right insurance or are whether they are bothering to book their own vehicles in for a service. 

All of that is taken care of under the leasing contract. Combine car leasing as a way of using vehicles with fuel cards and you can put the whole issue of travel costs on a business-like footing. Fuel cards, like leasing, help you to monitor and control expenses far more simply and accurately. 

A car for personal use

At the end of the working day there is no reason why a company car has to be just something that is used in connection with your business. It can also be used to provide you or your staff with a decent vehicle for personal use, whether that means picking up the kids from school, shopping trips or family holidays.

Maybe what you want sitting in the drive outside your own home is something different from the vehicle you need for your business. (It’s hard to get many boxes in a two seater sports car or on the back of a motorbike). 

But even if you want to use a separate vehicle outside work, it still makes a lot of sense to have a leased car for business use. You can easily manage your business expenses and separate them from your own personal expenses.