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How can our service providers save you time?

When we say that we can save our members time, we really mean it. At the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) our whole aim is to make business fairer, and in some ways, easier for entrepreneurs around the UK. We might not always be able to make your working day a breeze, but we will certainly try to ease some of the daily pressures you have to face. 

We take great pride in being able to offer exceptional member benefits, as well as lobbying on a political level to help you get to where you need to be.

This month we’ve been exploring the concept of ‘Time’ and how our benefits can make even the most menial tasks a little more bearable.

How can our service providers save you time?

We spoke to some of the professionals who provide our FSB services and asked them how FSB Member Benefits can save you precious time.

Paul Baker of FSB Workplace Pensions

“By using our FSB service is saves the employer a) having to fully understand the rules and ensure compliance and b) put the time in to set the scheme up."

"Typically, the largest cost component for firms that have staged was administration, including the cost of time taken to understand the rules and implement required tasks (£726 on average). This was followed by the costs of setting up the pension scheme (including set up charges) (around £592) and purchasing professional advice or services (around £552). The average cost of upgrading payroll software was £331."

"As part of our service we take away the cost of having to understand the rules (we explain them individually) saving £726, set the scheme up (save £592) and avoid the need for professional services (save £552). The employer can then use our free software which works with any payroll or purchase the software upgrade. All for £399 + vat.”

Beverley East of FSB Legal Protection Scheme

“We have qualified solicitors on the end of the telephone to deal with your problems and answer your queries there and then – no appointment – no waiting – no researching.”

Beverley East of FSB Tax Investigation Protection

“In the event that you are investigated by the HMRC, AbbeyTax will take that off your hands and deal with the investigation saving you plenty of time and money.”

For businesses no matter what their size, time is money.