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How a cash advance can help with my marketing

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  • 29 August 2017

Cash advances are a great way to help get you through a tough period, or improve your business in some way using a quick cash injection. They are also particularly useful when it comes to your marketing strategies and campaigns.

We’ve highlighted just some of the ways that a cash advance can benefit your business by helping you with your marketing.

How a cash advance can help with my marketing

External consultancy

Maybe your marketing hasn’t gone as successfully as it was projected to do, or you simply want to have an expert eye review your marketing plans and goals before putting any of it into practise, to help make sure that it will be as successful as possible.

Hiring a marketing consultant to come in and work with your business could inflate your budget more than you had originally expected, which means you might need to suddenly find additional funds to cover the new expense.

Even if hiring the consultant isn’t a financial burden for you, they could still provide you with some fantastic advice and suggestions that require a little extra cash to implement and take advantage of.

New market research

One of the aspects of marketing that you may need to repeat down the line is researching the state of the industry and also researching the kind of people who are buying your products.

That said, thorough and extensive market research can take time to do right, and that is time spent that you could be using to secure sales and bring more cash into your business.

In situations such as these, a cash advance could help you cover the cost of independent research or help reinforce your finances as you spend time focusing on research. Getting through this period and gaining that insight into your potential customers is often worth the cost. Your business stands to gain far more in the long term thanks to the deeper understanding you gain, allowing you to better invest in future marketing efforts.

Drawing attention to a new service

Say, for example, that you’ve invested heavily in incorporating a new service into your business. It may be that the costs associated with this new service were more than you might have expected, and this has meant that you might struggle to afford your usual marketing endeavours. A cash advance could bridge this financial gap or perhaps you have some grander marketing campaigns in mind for the new service, which may look to cost a little more than you’re usually used to paying

Whichever situation you happen to be in, a cash advance can help make sure that your current customer base knows all about your new service and the benefits it can provide.

How FSB can help with your marketing

When you’re thinking of starting a new marketing campaign, or altering the direction of an existing campaign, a cash advance can be a great way to help make your vision a reality. Having the option to take advantage of a short-term financial injection when you need to can help reduce and cash woes and stress, while giving you the flexibility to try new things with your business.

Our Cash Advance service can help you develop your business and achieve your company ambitions. The membership service includes:

  • A short-term loan that is unsecured, meaning your business assets are safe
  • The money can be in your account within 15 working days, meaning you can make use of the funds very soon after applying
  • The choice between flexible repayments based on a percentage of future credit and debit transactions, or a single fixed monthly direct debit.

To find out more about small business loans and how we can help you and your business, please visit our FSB Cash Advance page. Access to our Cash Advance service is included as standard with our Business Essentials package. Please visit our package comparison page to compare benefits of our packages.

FSB Cash Advance from FSB

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