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Hot topics for discussion at the FSB Small Business Expo and National Conference 2016

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  • 09 March 2016


Undoubtedly cybercrime is on the rise and has been for the last few years, but what are small businesses doing to combat and counteract these injustices?

Sadly not very much. Some business owners tend to believe that they are less likely to be targeted by these faceless criminals because they are under the radar or not significant enough to have anything worth stealing. But that’s simply not true. 

Last year the UK saw over 6 million cyber offences take place online, and with an added 8 billion malware attacks reported worldwide, cyber safety should be at the forefront of any business owners mind right now. In 2014/15 FSB research found that 71% of small businesses suffered a security breach, this was up from 60% in 2013/14. 

Hot topics for discussion at the FSB Small Business Expo and National Conference 2016

We’re urging SMEs to take action and understand the threat that they are facing. Criminals will exploit the weak link in the chain, so if you’re internet security isn’t up to scratch then you’re leaving yourself open to offenders. Bribery and complete wipe outs of business material are just some of the crimes reported. 

The techniques used by criminals are becoming more sophisticated, so should your online defences.

We’re featuring a seminar on Cybercrime – ‘What is it and what are the Protection and Insurance Options?’ presented to you by Tim Lazenby – Managing Director of FSB Insurance Services, Towergate Insurance. Book your place now!


You may have noticed that we’ve recently gone through a re-brand ourselves, so we know a thing or two about this subject. It takes time and lots of planning, but overhauling your company’s entire look is something that’s well worth your energy, especially if it brings in new clients.

Sometimes you even have to go that one step further and start think of yourselves as a new brand, so we hope to inspire you with this seminar. Think global; act local – even as local as your very own office. Andrew Dobbie, Founder of creative agency MadeBrave®, weighs in on the benefits of creating a company culture and building a brand from the inside out.

Skills Development Scotland (SDS)

With Conference taking place in Glasgow this year, we’re very keen to explore the issues affecting this fantastic country and its business sector. In particular, the support and education of Scotland’s youth, offered by the national skills body, Skills Development Scotland (SDS).

In order to build a strong economic future for the country, we must support and develop young people through education, training and beyond. SDS aims to provide 16-19 year-olds with an offer of education or training that will sustain their development and aid their transition into the adult world.

SDS engages and supports businesses through a variety of initiatives. The Employer Engagement Advisers work across all 32 local authorities in Scotland. They provide specific advice on what skills and learning support is available both locally and nationally - including Modern Apprenticeships, Certificate of Work Readiness and Skills for Growth.

Sharita Guy will be presenting this seminar, ‘Skills Development Scotland: Supporting Small Businesses’, which opens the FSB Small Business Expo and National Conference 2016.


One of the most talked about business issues of the year, and for good reason. It has now become a compulsory requirement for all employers to automatically enrol eligible workers into a workplace pension scheme, this scheme will come into force in 2017. 

Although this is fantastic news for employees, some employers are facing tough times in the build-up with other business issues such as the national living wage possibly putting a strain on SMEs as well as the added pressure of fines for pension non-compliance.

Steven Venables, Business Development Manager of FSB Workplace Pensions will be exploring this complex issue on Friday 18 March. The seminar will explain the facts behind the scheme and how FSB is assisting its members. You do not want to miss this!

To avoid disappointment, book your place here.

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