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Have you thought about FSB Care?

We know how important your health and well-being is to you, it’s the same for everyone. It can be difficult to come to terms with the fact that we’re not invincible.

It can also be difficult to talk about your medical welfare too; it is a stressful topic, especially if you have experienced trauma due to a serious illness in the past. For small business owners, it can make things more difficult to try and find adequate healthcare insurance that includes employees too.

Business health support is one of the key issues our members look for when joining FSB. The costs of private healthcare insurance can mount if you have been unwell in the past, you might even be denied cover by some insurers. Whether you are searching for private healthcare for yourself, a member of staff, or both, we will relieve one of the heavy burdens of business in the form of FSB Care. 

FSB Care falls under the umbrella of FSB ‘Member Benefits’, it seeks to sustain our Members business longevity whilst supporting their health.

Have you thought about FSB Care?

Why join us?

Members often express to us how happy they are that FSB Care is included within their membership, it makes a huge difference knowing that a professional healthcare adviser is waiting at the other end of the phone to support you, providing practical and reliable information for as long as you need it.

Imagine this scenario: you are a small business owner who suddenly discovers that they have developed a serious health condition; perhaps you’re living with a heart condition that may need specialist care. Not only will this hinder your personal wellbeing, but it may affect your business too.

With NHS treatment waiting times increasing, much like the size of the UK population, private healthcare can be seen as a blessing for small business owners across the country. We can give you the ability to visit a private specialist within a week of making your first call to the FSB Care team, and offer you support and constant communication with your own personal registered nurse. 

Studies undertaken by the World Health Organisation (WHO) have found that over the past ten years out-of-pocket expenditure on private healthcare has increased by almost 10%. With the NHS at the general public’s fingertips; this is quite a startling statistic. With a small business to worry to about, is it really worth taking the risk of no cover and subsequent added healthcare charges?

What is included?

Key features of FSB Care include:

  • For a flat flee of just £250, you can add an employee or family member to your policy
  • No pre-existing health exclusions
  • Access to additional support when you need it
  • Support for serious health conditions, including:
    o Stress
    o Depression
    o Cancer
    o Stroke
    o Mental health conditions
    o Long term conditions, such as diabetes or epilepsy
    o Disabilities, whether due to an accident or a health condition
    o Effects of witnessing trauma
    o Bereavement 

With assistance in the form of:

  • One off home visits
  • Calls with a specialist nurse
  • Therapy
  • Provision of books, CDs and guides that will help you deal with your medical welfare
  • Counselling support
  • Support for members who care for unwell family members, such as an elderly parent or a sick child, FSB Care will address these issues first

If you would like more information on this benefit or would like to speak to one of our advisors, you can either take a look at our FSB Care page or visit the join portal to sign up today.

FSB Care from FSB

FSB members with a serious health condition have free access to a personal nurse adviser - providing practical information and emotional support.

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