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Growing Your Business

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  • 16 October 2015

Once you have managed to establish your own business, the hard work does not stop. In fact, the challenge is only just beginning. The next step on the road to success is to grow that business by expanding your customer base and generally making a larger number of people aware of the services you offer. To help, we at the Federation of Small Businesses have put together this short guide on growing your business, complete with some handy tips for success.

Growing Your Business

Social Media

The amazing power of social media should never be underestimated. This digital phenomenon offers the simplest way to get your business name in front of the widest audience possible and in the shortest amount of time. A dedicated business Facebook page and a Twitter account are essential to help raise awareness of your brand, while a presence on other social media sites such as LinkedIn, Pinterest and Instagram can also pay dividends.

In addition to raising your business's profile, social media also gives you the chance to interact on a more personal basis with both current and potentially new customers. This level of personal contact helps to create a bond and sense of trust between your business and your customers.


Blogs have been around for quite a while now but are still highly popular if the content is well written and interesting. In fact, the rise of social media in recent years has seen the popularity of blogs back on an upward trend, as the two forms of digital media blend so well together. Blogs give you the chance to expand on your social media posts and go into more intricate detail. If the blog is located on your main business website, the chances of the visitor count rising as a result are greatly increased. In turn, this should lead to your website moving up the Google search engine pages.

Press Releases

One of the oldest forms of business promotion remains highly effective. A good press release should always announce something that is actually newsworthy. This could be a brand new product launch by your business, a new service, a move to different premises or even the launch of a spectacular new website.

While all forms of written communication emanating from your business should be professionally written and presented, it is absolutely vital that your press release is word perfect. Once you are happy with your content, send it to as many publications and websites which cover your business sector as possible. Your hard work should hopefully pay dividends.

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