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Getting ready for Conference

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  • 23 February 2016

It’s nearly that time of the year again. The FSB Small Business Expo and National Conference is just around the corner, and this year we’ll be in Glasgow from 17 to 19 March.

Conference is a chance to get out of the daily routine and catch up with other business people, make some new contacts and perhaps even get a few ideas. Whether you are going for just one day to have a look around the expo, or you’re attending for all three days, we’ve rounded up a few ideas to help make the most of your trip.

FSB's annual conference is just around the corner. Make sure you're ready!

Research before you go

Make sure you familiarise yourself with the program, as well as the area surrounding the venue. If you know what’s where you can plan not only which events you want to attend at the Conference, but also what else you might want to do or where to go for lunch or dinner.

Follow the locals

Social media is the perfect way to get to know the area before you go. Follow local social media accounts on twitter and Instagram, local bloggers and even local newspapers so you know what to expect. Local recommendations for fellow small businesses will also give you a chance to shop local and make sure you have a great experience.

Check your transport options

Make sure you know exactly how you’ll get around. Whether you’re staying overnight or just coming in for a day, make sure you know in advance how you’ll be getting from point A to point B. The FSB Small Business Expo and National Conference pages will have regular information on transport so be sure to check there, too. You can’t be absolutely sure of connectivity at all times so make sure you have this info before you go.

Plan for just one day and see what happens

If you’re planning to stay for a few days, set up plans for just one night. That way you are free to take up any opportunities that may pop up. Networking meetings often lead to lifelong contacts and friendships. You might decide on a whim to go for lunch at that nice little place around the corner with the person you just met who just so happens to be in the same line of business as you, rather than the table you booked at the fancy restaurant.  Planning for just one day leaves room for possibilities.

Buddy up

Check around with local members and businesses and see who else will be going. The Conference is not only a great opportunity to make new contacts, but also to catch up with old ones. If you’re planning to meet up make sure you have a conversation beforehand so everyone knows roughly what the plan is.

Get into the spirit

The FSB Small Business Expo and National Conference is a great opportunity to get out of the office, hear some top class speakers and find out what other businesses are doing. Make sure to visit the events and the FSB website regularly because we’ll be adding new things all the way up to conference time. Make it something you’re looking forward to, and Conference will be exactly that.

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