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Get noticed online

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  • 10 March 2016

Getting noticed online isn’t only about getting to the top of Google's search listings. Studies have shown, that 70 per cent of people do not go beyond the second page of online search results, but also, that potential customers are using more than one way to decide on where to shop and what services to use.

Get noticed online 

SEO is important, however, with constantly changing rules, a multi-channel digital marketing strategy, that makes use of social media, online business directories and partnerships with influential brands, is key to a sustainable approach in managing your online presence.

Use Social Media

Which social media sites do your target customers use the most? The answer to this will help you prioritise the profiles that make the greatest difference to attracting and keeping customers. You might decide to have a presence on all of the major sites including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google +. Make sure that hot links make it easy to follow your pages and that buttons for sharing are visible and that you have a clear call to action.

Regularly post content - some experts say at least once a week - and ensure that it is not only fresh and engaging but also speaks to both your brand and to your ideal client. Rule of thumb is that shareable video content and images should reflect the essence of your brand without overt advertising.

Facebook and Twitter are not simply about content marketing. Twitter creates the opportunity to create business 2 business data lists and to start conversations with potential customers and complementary brand owners. Industry-related Twitter chat is one way to get noticed, as is favourite-ing and re-tweeting key people in your sector. Answer frequently asked questions for potential buyers using a brand voice that sounds human and approachable.

Facebook Ads allows you to reach a very specific target market, by placing advertisements on pages your customers read, including those of your competitors.

Online Business Directories

Online business directories or review sites, also referred to as “citations”, help with ranking in local search results. Many are free, including and Google Places for Business. Create a thorough profile that includes your web address and social media links. Where customer reviews are available, these are often organic and rely upon your reputation and the quality of your product/service. Product sampling campaigns encourage customers to review products in exchange for free samples.

Online directories are another source of market data. The FSB business directory, for example, lists your business among 2 million UK businesses. The database is optimised to help you identify and target businesses that suit your marketing campaigns and budget.

Online partnerships

This is where the business leads from your Twitter list and the FSB directory can really count. It is useful to include influential industry bloggers on your list. Bloggers are often willing to put a link to your website in their online review of a free sample. Most bloggers pride themselves on being unbiased and will be honest about your product/service.

Another way in which you can get noticed online is to create partnerships with established brands to offer their customers something unique and shareable. You gain access to a wider audience, who are likely to become interested in your brand because of the added value they receive from the partnership.

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