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Get inspired by direct mail marketing

Businesses love to keep their customers informed - and we all know what it’s like to receive promotional email after promotional email. But what value do they really hold? If you’re anything like me then you’re used to hitting the ‘mark as read’ button without even opening the message, meaning the volume of emails that we actually read is fairly low.

So how can your small business combat the journey to junk mail? One of the answers could be direct mail marketing.

Get inspired by direct mail marketing

Prices for placing adverts in publications can be extremely high and can take months to appear. As we mentioned before, emails are often discarded or opened without the recipient actually taking a look at the information. But wouldn’t it feel incredibly wasteful to throw away a postcard with a fantastic offer on? It provokes the fear of missing out within us all, and it’s this fear that often motivates people to buy.

In order to combat failed emailed, market your business directly using physical vouchers, newsletters and postcards. You are much more likely to receive a response, be it a verbal communication or a sale. Media that customers can touch and feel is always going to make a deeper impact. 

Top tips to help you get inspired

  • Offer great incentives – Everybody loves a freebie, it’s a universal truth. Depending on your area of business, there will be a range of different offers you can make to clients. Whether it’s ‘20 per cent off your latest MOT’ or ‘£5 off your next bouquet of flowers’, there are plenty of great deals that will return a rise in revenue.
  • Be ready for the holiday season all year round – We all appreciate receiving well-wishes, especially as part of a well designed and clearly thought-out card or flyer. Think about these in advanced, especially what you can include an offer to your patrons. For example, if you own a cafe, perhaps offer a free cookie with any coffee when the customer presents the token.
  • Don’t forget special occasions – Keep records of your customers, not just telephone numbers and email addresses, but when their birthday is or if appropriate when they celebrate anniversaries or children’s birthdays. Let your customers know that they are extremely important to you with thoughtful cards produced specifically for that special event and personally sign cards to encourage loyalty. 
  • Identify your target market – It might seem both cost and time effective to mail out to everyone you can possibly think of, but you won’t be successful in this way. You must carefully consider who your target audience are and work forward from this point. Chances are if you tailor an offer to a certain age range/interest/likeminded group and then send this out, you will have more responses because the campaign was carefully considered. Create, test and evaluate your mailing lists in order to find out which gets the greater response.
  • Make it manageable – An overwhelming response to an offer or add can be just as damaging as no response at all. If you aren’t equipped to handle the response, then you need to think about your approach. Perhaps you own a takeaway store that sells pizza – imagine the panic when you suddenly become inundated with orders and you don’t have the supplies to meet the demand. How many customers might you lose from  sheer disappointment?
  • Be creative – Above all, this is the key point. Experiment with quirky designs, attracting customers with visuals is an impressive feat, so give it a try. Take a look at some of the case-studies featured on the International Post Corporation site, not only are these ideas ingenious but they may inspire you to take your direct mail marketing in a different direction. 
  • Don’t give up – Even if a week goes by and you don’t have any responses to your offers, don’t throw in the towel. Be persistent and consistent; try to keep up the momentum. Direct mail marketing is a powerful tool if used correctly.