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Energy Efficiency for Small Businesses

Negotiating the right energy deal for your small business can be a frustrating and time-consuming experience. Our research shows two thirds of small businesses say it’s too difficult to switch energy suppliers. There’s also the added pressure on small firms to become part of a low carbon economy.

The incentives for becoming greener are not only helping the environment, but reducing costs and being recognised as a sustainable business, which is often favourable for new and existing customers.

Energy Efficiency for Small Businesses

Practical tips for saving energy

As well as shopping around for the best energy deal, you can immediately start to reduce your carbon footprint and save money by:

  • Switching off, instead of leaving on standby, all computers, printers, laptops, phone chargers, computer screens, TVs and lights.
  • If you need to regularly charge your tools or equipment, only leave the charger plugged in and switched on when charging.
  • If you have a company vehicle, is it the most fuel-efficient model and are you getting the best deal for the number of miles you drive?
  • Could you offer training to your staff or drivers to drive more efficiently; making shorter journeys, accelerate and brake gradually to use less fuel?
  • Inside, think about changing to LED lights instead of fluorescent tube lights.
  • Are your work premises leaking heat? You could save money and apply for financial help to make your building more environmentally friendly.
  • If you’re looking to update technology invest in more carbon efficient models. Think ahead to what your energy needs will be in the coming months and years.

Businesses that do manage to cut their carbon emissions can be recognised as a ‘sustainable business’, which can also help boost your reputation.