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Create a Sample Gift-Box That Sells Your Business!

Samples, freebies and gifts – whatever you know them as, it’s clear that they will always bring in custom for businesses. Everybody loves something for nothing and especially so when it’s on-trend, exciting and new. Giving away samples of your product, if applicable, is a great way to generate a positive buzz around what you do and who you are as a business. Don’t you think it would be even better if you could make some money from samples?

Over the past couple of years we’ve seen a sales revelation that’s taken the retail sector by storm. Millions of sample subscription boxes are purchased every month. The content of these boxes ranges from products such as coffee, beer, beauty... even pets. 

Create a Sample Gift-Box That Sells Your Business!

Ingeniously, these boxes are marketed as samples but the average consumer still pays anywhere between £5 and £60 for them, possibly more. It’s a fantastic way to showcase what you have on offer.

Sample boxes can come at a high cost to small businesses, but if you’re willing to invest or have the access to buy or create bulk stock, then it can really pay off. These boxes are a fantastic way to cement who you are as a business and a brand.

Get Started

Take some time to research your target market and think about what you can offer. Miniature products seem to have a magical, heart-warming effect on consumers - so if you can fit these into a gift box or produce miniature versions of your merchandise, then you’ve got a great starting point. 

Take a look at websites such as Pinterest for inspiration; there are some fantastic examples of gift and sample boxes that creative small business owners have put together. Home-made doesn’t have to mean cheap, that personal touch can win over more people than you’d expect. 

Sourcing printed material for the box doesn’t need to be difficult, FSB Print and Mail offers members a quick solution: you have the ability to print hundreds of postcards that can be included within the boxes. These can define the contents of the box, provide contact details for repeat orders or simply pass on good wishes from business to customer.

Our Print and Mail solution gives you complete freedom to be creative with your designs, there’s no need to stick to basic block colours or tacky templates. You can create greetings cards that will make a clients birthday that bit extra special and keep you at the forefront of their mind.

Top Tips

Consider the cost of your box, if you have the product, ability and funds to create gift boxes then give it a go. Start off with free samples to gauge consumer interest, if positive you can start to charge for them. Postage prices are directly influenced by the size of the box, so keep this in mind too.

Send out your boxes to local companies in your area, this will encourage a positive image and great business to business relations.

Next Steps

Marketing your gift-boxes doesn’t have to be a struggle, use the tools around you and don’t consider it cheating if you promote via social media because the majority of companies are doing exactly the same. Get some great shots of the box up onto Twitter and Instagram, encouraging shares and retweets is a great way to get some free promotion. 

Remember: the ‘fear of missing out’ is a real phenomenon! An attractive gift-box encourages curiosity and generates revenue, there’s no better time to get creative.