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Content marketing for small business

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  • 21 January 2016

Content marketing is an often-used buzzword. But for many in the small business world it can remain just that, without a clear understanding as to how it can help your business. The following summary from the FSB team should help you to understand what it is and why it is so important for your business.

Content marketing for small business

What is it?

A variety of definitions exist, but in summary it is any promotional content created for your business. That might be social media posts, blogs, white papers, videos, e-newsletters and much, much more. It should, however, always be relevant to your audience needs and should appropriately represent the expertise and focus of your business.

Why is it important?

Today's consumers are bombarded by marketing communications. They find ways in which to shut out unwanted intrusion such as social media feed customisation, ad-blockers and TV fast-forward. This means that clever marketers have to think ever more creatively, conjuring up ways in which to get into their customers' minds with information rather than a hard-sell. You might sell something, make something, fix something or serve something but in all those cases and more, small business content marketing can help you attract and retain customers.

How exactly can it help me?

Increased brand awareness

By constantly publishing new content at regular intervals you create multiple opportunities for potential customers to see your brand. It makes sense that it will subsequently be front of mind whenever they need your product or service.

Building trust

It stands to reason that if 10 similar businesses exist within a small radius but only one delivers regular content and information to educate the local community on its area of expertise, it will be that business which builds its reputation as knowledgeable and trustworthy. In fact, a study revealed that 57 per cent of consumers were positive to those companies that had delivered content to them.

Encouraging action

Sales are often victim to the ‘I’ll do that later’ mentality. Procrastination can be the hardest part of the buying cycle to tackle. Content can help you to overcome that obstacle by placing repeated reminders, answers to questions and relatable stories in front of potential customers to turn their inaction into a sale.

Widening the net

Content creation adds fuel to your existing strategies such as public relations, digital advertising or search engine optimisation. Without a constant stream of fresh content it is significantly harder to make these channels work for you. It also gives potential and existing customers a reason to click. Delivering timely, seasonal and relevant topics can ensure a broader audience reaches your website or bricks and mortar store.

The simple fact is that content is no longer simply the domain of the large enterprise. Small businesses need to take advantage of the significant benefits it can offer. Reviewing your strategy in 2016 could pay dividends for your business.