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Bringing in business

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  • 21 October 2015

Once you've set up your business, the next step is to ensure a steady stream of new and returning customers. In a market where everyone is generally oversubscribed and there is steady competition in virtually every field, how do you get noticed? And, more importantly, make sure you're the one who gets the business?

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Market Imbalance

Whatever your business, whether plumber, mechanic, hair stylist or painter & decorator, chances are there are several hundred others offering the same service you do. You need to tip the market in your favour through innovation, excellent relationships, convenience and price. You don't have to be better than everyone, you just need to be different in a good way. That something different can be an added extra, or a guarantee or half price callout on the next service. Build a good relationship with the customer by going the extra mile. Customers want things to be easy so, if you offer a home callout service or are willing to open a little earlier so the customer doesn't have to take time off from work, this increases your chances of getting the business. Finally, a competitive price is essential. No matter how good you are or how much someone likes you, they will most likely always choose the wallet friendly option.

Remarkable Service

People remember good service, too, not just bad. Repeat custom is much more likely if they had a positive experience. If you provided excellent service, did the job right the first time, were friendly and courteous and were competitively priced, you will not only increase your chances of repeat custom, but also the likelihood of a mention to someone else. Word of mouth recommendation is priceless, even in today's digital society.

Demand decides price

The more of something is available, the more powerful the buyer. If you excel in your field, you will be in demand, making your time more valuable. This reputation has to be earned and you might need to start at the bottom, get a foothold, and build your price from there. All you need is to deliver excellent service consistently and when your reputation precedes you, you can start increasing your prices.

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