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Are you GDPR Ready?

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  • 30 October 2017

If you run a business, you are more than likely dealing with some sort of personal data. The way you need to handle this data is changing with the introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which comes into force on 25 May 2018.

These new regulations affect businesses of every size and sector, so there are things you need to do to get your business ready.

New powers could mean fines of up to 4% of global turnover, or £17m, can be levied on non-compliant organisations, so we’re encouraging all smaller businesses, and our members, to be prepared.

Watch our video - Introduction to GDPR


Is your business GDPR ready?

FSB is supporting its members with the advice and guidance needed to develop a step by step plan to prepare their businesses for GDPR. These can be accessed through our 24/7 telephone advice line, as well as in the dedicated GDPR section of the new FSB Legal Hub.

Available GDPR resources include:

  • GDPR 20 point checklist for small businesses.
  • Data breaches – what you need to know.
  • What does GDPR mean for small businesses?
  • Video 1: Introduction to GDPR

A further two videos in our GDPR video series will follow soon. These will cover more details about the legislation, and how the implementation of the legislation could affect your business. 

If you are already a Business Essentials member, visit the FSB Legal Hub (you may be asked to login with your membership number) where you will find all the information needed to get your business ready.

If you're not a member, there is still time to join and gain access to our Legal Hub and a whole range of other benefits. Explore Business Essentials membership today and see how we can help your business fly. 

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