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Another look at how our service providers can save you time

  • Blog
  • 28 April 2016

You may have seen the first part of this blog on Monday, we’re topping it up with some more information from the professionals who provide our FSB services.

When we say that we can save our members time, we really mean it. At the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) our whole aim is to make business fairer, and in some ways, easier for entrepreneurs around the UK. We might not always be able to make your working day a breeze, but we will certainly try to ease some of the daily pressures you have to face.

We take great pride in being able to offer exceptional member benefits, as well as lobbying on a political level to help you get to where you need to be.

This month we’ve been exploring the concept of ‘Time’ and how our benefits can make even the most menial tasks a little more bearable.

Another look at how our service providers can save you time

Again, let’s take a look at how FSB Member Benefits can save you precious time.

Melissa Finnis of FSB Fuel Card

“You shouldn’t have to worry about your staff filling up your vehicles, or their private vehicles and you shouldn’t spend hours poring over receipts to make sure you claim all of your VAT back.”

“Not only do our customers see significant savings on their fuel purchases and gain access to the UK’s largest fuel network, they also vastly reduce their administration cost and time - a real headache for many UK businesses.”

Fuel cards make it quicker to claim VAT back

You will get an itemised, HMRC approved, VAT invoice without the need to keep receipts or log transactions manually. The invoices should show exactly what has been purchased, when and where it was purchased including the type of fuel and the cost of each transaction with the VAT breakdown.”

No need to spend time checking up on individual drivers

You are able to lock down your fuel cards to certain purchase options. This could be diesel only, fuel only or fuel and specific vehicle related goods like oil. These purchase restrictions give you greater control over what your drivers buy and help keep your costs down. It also gives you the peace of mind that you staff aren’t hiding things like their lunch or chocolate bars in their fuel expense claims.”

Manage your account in half the time

FSB Fuel Card will enable you to make changes to your card information, order and cancel cards, obtain reports, download and print your invoices all at the few clicks of a button.”

Save time for your drivers while making your fleet more efficient

Using a FSB Fuel Card with the largest fuelling network in the UK vastly limits deviation off route adds convenience and saves your drivers time and millage.”

Krishna Chauhan of FSB Card Payment Processing

  • Accepting card payments can help with queue busting, making less trips to the bank and having to chase for payments - saving you time to focus on serving more customers and providing great customer service.
  • Taking card payments can help with queue busting, saving you time to focus on serving more customers and providing great customer service.
  • Let your customers pay in seconds with Contactless payments, helping you to provide great customer service and serve more customers.
  • My Business Dashboard from Worldpay helps you to manage your card payments in one place, simply logon and review your sales trends when it's convenient for you.
  • Send a ‘pay now’ button in emails to let customers pay quickly and easily at a time that suits them – so you don’t have to spend time processing the transactions yourself.
  • Use Pay by link to chase overdue payments via email so you don’t have to spend time chasing over the phone.
  • Take payments over the phone with Worldpay’s Virtual Terminal and free up your card machine for customers in store.

Jane Byrne of FSB Business Leads

“Time is something every business could do with having more of! Most of us are focused on the everyday running of our business but it goes without saying that it is essential to continue to attract new customers and to maintain the loyalty of existing customers through good communication." 

"None of this is easy and can often be expensive, however there is a solution worth considering and that’s email marketing. This tried and tested channel has made huge strides in recent years and is now considered one of the key ways to market to new prospects and to communicate with current customers - it’s accessible, flexible and best of all, cost effective. No matter what size your business is, you can benefit from email marketing.”

“FSB Business Leads in association with Market Location provides access to a range of options from fully managed email campaigns with real time stats and offline data for follow up activity, to email data lists for a business to use for themselves.”  

“There are many benefits to using email marketing – but the highlights are:

  • Speed – it’s quick and easy to implement
  • Coverage – you can reach out to a broad market
  • Fast results - from the moment you send your email you can see the impact
  • Low cost – when compared to other direct marketing channels 
  • Flexible - every element can be tested – from the selected audience and the creative approach to the time of delivery and the call to action.”

If you're a small business owner but not a member of FSB then you can change that today, sign up here or give us a call.