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5 Easy ways to market your small business

  • Blog
  • 02 September 2016

Marketing is often the last thing you think about when you have a business to run. It’s easy to write it off as something for big companies with big budgets. But there’s no reason why you should miss out on getting your business some extra attention.

No matter what business you’re in, in which industry, getting your business name out there and attracting new customers or clients is an essential part of being in business.

Marketing your business doesn’t necessarily mean you have to spend a lot of money or stand on a street corner handing out leaflets. There are many simple ways to build up your brand, and they won’t break the bank or demand a lot of your time.

5 Easy ways to market your small business

Get a website – and a blog

It’s a simple truth that most people, when they start their search for a product or service, head straight to the web.

You need to make sure that your business is represented, and can be found. Setting yourself up with a website increases the chances of your business being found.

And writing a blog where you share helpful information on a regular basis shows your potential customers that you know what you’re talking about.

Over time, a blog can help set you up as an expert in your field, which builds trust when people visit your site.

Create a Facebook business page

Setting up a Facebook page for your business gives you an easy way to communicate with your existing and potential customers.

You can promote your special offers and build a community of people who are fans of your business, thereby earning trust from anyone considering doing business with you.

It’s very simple to set up a page for your business and the small investment of your time can pay dividends in the long run.

Ask customers to write reviews

Providing good service doesn’t have to go unacknowledged. Ask your customers to review your service if they were happy with it.

Don’t shy away from negative feedback, either. Take the opportunity to learn how to serve your customers better. And don’t ignore any negative comments. Acknowledge them, and try and see if you can turn the situation around by offering a solution to the customer’s dissatisfaction.

It’s important that your customers see that you not only provide an excellent service, but that you take your customer service seriously and you’re focused on fixing any issues that may arise.

Send a newsletter

It’s a good idea to start building a mailing list as soon as possible.

Sending a newsletter that adds value to existing and potential customers is a good way to get eyes on your current promotions, and keep people up to date with any new projects you might be working on.

It’s also an excellent opportunity to reinforce your expert status. Include a handy tip or trick, or share any relevant articles you may have read or content you found on social media channels that could benefit your customers.

Sponsor local events

Sponsoring a local event is an opportunity to promote your business locally, to the people most likely to use it.

It isn’t only about promotion. It will help create a favourable view of your business, but it’s also a genuine opportunity to be part of your local community.

Marketing your business does not need to take a lot of your time or a lot of money. If you consistently put in small efforts you will build up your business name and earn yourself a few extra customers along the way.