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3 Simple SEO Tips

At the Federation of Small Businesses, we hear from a lot of companies which are struggling to get noticed online. Many small business owners find that it is hard to compete against bigger brands, and they worry that they will never achieve good rankings in the search engines because they don't have the money or time to put towards SEO. These three simple tips can help any business, from a sole proprietor to a local chain, to get noticed online.

3 Simple SEO Tips

Go Local

One thing that we have noticed is that many small companies try to rank for keywords that are too broad and too general. There is no point in a Durham-based business trying to rank for the keyword "wedding dresses" with no other modifiers. This is too broad a keyword; even if you could rank well for it, there would be little point, since only a fraction of the website visitors you would get from that keyword would be interested in buying from you.

It is much better to focus on local SEO, especially if you are a company with a bricks-and-mortar store. If you do mail order and you don't like shipping abroad, aim for national-level SEO, but don't try to reach customers all over the world unless you really do have a global audience.

Do a Little Every Week

Consistency is the most important thing for SEO. Instead of engaging in one mammoth marketing session, it is better to do a little marketing, link building and other promotion every few days or every week so that there is always fresh content and new links for the search engines to explore.

Get Social

At the Federation of Small Businesses, we are big fans of social media. The power of social media marketing should not be under-estimated. You can solicit feedback, share news and enjoy the benefits of word-of-mouth marketing if you get your social media campaigns right. Consider outsourcing your social media campaigns to a local company if you are not confident that you can do this well. The return on investment from an effective social media marketing campaign will make it worthwhile.

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