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3 easy ways to boost staff morale

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  • 28 November 2015

It’s cold outside and the nights are long, winter is well and truly upon us and Christmas still seems a little too far away for everyone's liking; at this time of year it can be a challenge to engage your staff and lift their spirits. The good news however, is that there are easy steps you can take to ensure a smiling workforce greets you every morning, and that some summer sunshine is spread around your winter workplace. Here are our top tips:

  1. The little things

    Research shows that it's not always money that motivates. How about treating your team to lunch? Or reviewing how you can improve their working environment? Or even bringing in a masseur to ease their desk-bound shoulders? The element of surprise can deliver a halo effect far larger than the minimal cost.

    3 easy ways to boost staff morale

  2. Acknowledge the challenge
  3. Winter can mean higher levels of sickness. Ensuring you communicate and manage a strong, consistent sickness management policy and listen to those feeling the burden, can ensure team cohesion, making it easier to manage peaks and troughs. Don’t forget number 1) when rewarding those handling the load.

  4. Ensure your HR house is in order
  5. Certainty over those niggling HR issues means that your employees can focus on delivering for your business and nothing else, especially if 2) is hitting your business. Recent changes with auto-enrolment business pensions have been widely advertised. Are your employees concerned re: the impact on them and their company pension schemes and have you communicated thoroughly?

The good news is that we can certainly help you with the latter. FSB Pension Scheme for Members delivers a simple, easily arranged business pension from one of the UK's leading providers.

With expert advice and guidance thrown in, it's one of the most popular FSB Member Benefits. Follow our three top tips and we’re sure that seasonal cheer will be upon your organisation in no time.

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