Webinar on-demand: Why sell online and how to go about it

Webinar 3 Feb 2021

Worried about your sales? This webinar is your opportunity to gain a clear understanding of the pros and cons of adding online sales to your business models: what to do; how to go about it; and where to go for support.

One of the most significant trends facing businesses and communities in recent years has been the inexorable growth of online shopping – ecommerce – a growth that has accelerated spectacularly during the pandemic.

The latest Office for National Statistics figures for the UK as a whole reveal that:

  • Dec 2018 to Dec 2019: 5.6% growth in online sales (food -6.6%; non food +5.4%)
  • Dec 2019 to Dec 2020: 61.4% growth in online sales (food +126.4%; non food +70.1%)
  • Online sales as a proportion of all retailing Dec 2019 = 19%; Dec 2020 = 29.6%!

It looks like this phenomenon is here to stay and that competition will continue to build, and ever-more retailers and others are selling online as a result. After all, if you can’t beat ‘em, you just have to join ‘em!

Recognising the issues, threats and opportunities, FSB Scotland organised a very successful ecommerce webinar on the 28 January, 2021.

Rather than basing it on a series of presentations, we explored the pros and cons of selling online with three experts through a series of relaxed, informal interviews. This enabled more ground to be covered in an informative and memorable way, and we have received excellent feedback from the audience.

Under the expert chairing of highly experienced local business figure and now University of the Highlands & Islands’ key account director, Gary I Campbell, we heard from William Crawford, of the Old School in Beauly – purveyors of quality clothes, jewellery, bags, toiletries, homeware, books, music and more – on how this small Highland business saw 500+% growth in online sales during the first lockdown.

Then Fergus Weir, managing director of Inverness-based e-commerce and digital marketing specialist, Teclan, took us through the services that companies like his provide and what businesses should look for.

Finally, Danny Gallagher, manager of Highland Business Gateway, discussed the public sector support available to help businesses go down the e-commerce route.

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