Top 10 legal documents on FSB Legal Hub

Blogs 8 Jul 2021

Find out what other FSB members have been downloading from our on-demand legal library and how your small business can access our growing range of legally compliant documents, templates, policies and more.

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FSB Legal Hub is home to over 1,300 downloadable and customisable documents, guides, templates and more. All the documents are written by our legal team from Markel Law and checked regularly throughout the year, so they’re always up to date. It’s one of the many ways we’re supporting small business owners like you to spend less time on paperwork and more time doing what you love.  

We’ve made it even easier for you to stay legally compliant thanks to new features on FSB Legal Hub.

Assess your compliance in no time with a Legal Health Check report. From health and safety to employment, answer questions about your business and receive a customised traffic light report with advice, guidance and key documents you can access on the hub.

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Here are just a few of the most popular legal documents available for FSB members. 

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Contract of Employment with Privacy Notice 

Whether you’re hiring your first employee or growing your team, this standard contract of employment template provides a summary of the terms of employment when you are taking on new employees.  
As well as setting expectations and it being a legal requirement to provide a written statement of particulars of employment, an employment contract can also help you to avoid employment tribunals

Business to Business - Contract for Services  

Contracts are an everyday part of business, and it’s so crucial to get all the details in black and white. This template is used in the provision of services between a business and a self-employed individual/another business. 

Flexible Furlough Agreement 

With furlough extended until the end of September 2021, many small businesses are utilising flexible furlough agreements as they adjust to reopening.  

This agreement allows for furlough on a flexible basis where the employee works some of their normal hours at their normal rate of pay, and then they receive furlough pay for the remainder of their contracted hours.                                                                                               

Terms of Website Use (UK) 

As more small businesses develop and grow their online presence, this document sets out the rules that users must agree to in order to use your website. This could include cookies, links to other website, security processes, content copyright and acceptable use of the website. 

Health and Safety Policy  

No matter your sector, complying with the relevant health and safety regulations is a must. A health and safety policy is used to explain your approach to health and safety in the workplace.  
You’re required to have a health and safety policy by law, and it should be in writing if your business employs five or more people. You have a legal obligation to ensure your policy is up to date, appropriate for your business sector, and meets all legal regulations to help keep everyone safe and prevent accidents from happening. 

Contract of Employment - Casual Hours with Privacy Notice     

As an employer, it’s important that you have the right information in your employment contracts. This template is used to set out the rights and responsibilities between an employer and a casual worker.  

Sub-contracting Agreement    

Working with sub-contractors? This template is used to explain the rights and responsibilities between the main contractor and an individual/business where they are performing part or all of the main contractor’s work. 

COVID-19 Risk Assessment Form  

Currently, all businesses are required to follow COVID-secure measures. This form is used to record the practical measures your business has put in place to help you work safely and be COVID-secure in the workplace. 

Business to Business - Terms and Conditions for Supply of Goods and Services   

This template sets out the rights of responsibilities of a business and a fellow business customer, in the context of the supply of goods and services. 

Business to Business - Consultancy Agreement     

Offering consultancy services? This template is used to set out the rights and responsibilities when a business takes on a consultant to provide services to the business. It clarifies that the consultant is not an employee and specifies what is necessary to ensure that this is the case. 


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