Stop the overwhelm, step into love

Webinar 17 Feb 2023

Join FSB and Dr Dunni as we help mothers in business understand the specific challenges which combining motherhood and running a business bring, and offer tips and suggestions to help cope with these.

Event details

This webinar is for mothers who face a particularly challenging set of issues when starting or growing a business. Overwhelm can have far-reaching implications and our guest speaker Dr Dunni is an award-winning Mum Empowerment Coach and author of the book 'Every Mum is a Super Mum'. This event will allow attendees to recognise overwhelm and what contributes to it, and will offer practical tips to mothers to ensure they are able to cope and excel in their business and personally.

About Dr Dunni

Dr Dunni Atalabi of Druwa Academy

Dr. Dunni is the award-winning Mum Empowerment coach, family doctor, international speaker, bestselling author, host on the Wellbeing 4 Mothers Show and CEO of Druwa Academy.

She empowers mothers to break free from feeling overwhelmed and exhausted in their multiple roles while enhancing their overall wellbeing. She was awarded top 500 global influential leaders by Brainz Magazine, received the Excellence in marketing award and the Global Woman Rising star Award. She has been featured in Brainz magazine, New York Weekly, courageous woman magazine, Global woman magazine, Shecorporated, Thrive global. 

She has spoken on multiple stages globally empowering mothers with actionable strategies to improve their wellbeing. She is proficient in using natural, scientific and medical concepts to explain in simple terms practical ways to avoid ill health and promote holistic well being. This is made available through her online courses, speaking engagements, books, coaching, events and membership programmes.