Small Business Spotlight Scotland - Perfect Cleaning Solutions

Blogs 3 Dec 2021


We want to highlight the fantastic array of small businesses we have on our doorsteps. In this feature we ask an FSB member some key questions about their business journey and involvement with FSB. 

In this feature we hear from Sarah Aoki, Managing Director of Livingston-based Perfect Cleaning Solutions.

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Sarah Aoki of Perfect Cleaning Solutions

Q1. Tell me about your business
Perfect Cleaning Solutions Limited is a commercial cleaning business based in West Lothian and servicing customers around Edinburgh & the Lothians.
We provide regular commercial cleaning services for customers in offices, bars, restaurants, shops etc.
We work closely with our staff so that they can provide the best service for our customers. We even send them birthday cake for their birthdays!
Q2. What's the best thing about working for yourself?
Best thing about working for myself is that I can actually make decisions that have an impact. When I was working for someone else, I was often frustrated that I did not have a say about things. But with my own business I always have a final word and can make the actual decision. Although this can be daunting sometimes it is incredibly satisfying to see that your decisions lead to actions and actions to outcomes.
The perfect way to put it is “with great power comes great responsibility”!
Q3. What piece of advice would you give to someone who wants to start their own business?
I find it helpful when I make a mindmap or one page business plan so that I can see my business at a glance.
Making budgets and managing finance becomes really important so it would be a good idea to do some course on accounting or get someone on board who can manage this for you.
I also try to model good practices from other established businesses to make our company better.
The most important thing is to keep learning and keep evolving as a business. Don’t worry if you haven’t everything figured out or laid out on a beautiful business plan. Business is all about making mistakes, learning from them and becoming better. Don’t overthink it, just start and improve as you go.

Q4. How has your FSB membership helped you?/What attracted you to join FSB?
FSB membership has been great for DIY documents and legal help. I have always had good advice from the legal helpline and DIY documents have been a great resource for us at the beginning.
I have attended some networking events as well and this was a great opportunity to see and meet other like minded business owners.