Meet the Member: David Bell, Simboc Ltd

FSB Member Story 18 Aug 2020

FSB member David Bell of Simboc Ltd talks about his FSB membership

David Bell has been an FSB member for over 16 years, having started in the business world straight out of school. In 2013, David founded Simboc Limited, a business consultancy and management company providing bespoke services to other organisations.
He shares his experience with FSB Insurance Service and why he believes FSB membership is ‘worth its weight in gold’.

Tell us about yourself, your business and your background with FSB.

I’ve been in business for 25 years. I started straight out of school and didn’t go on to any further education, although I do lots of work with universities now. My businesses have been technology-based organisations.

What was your experience with FSB Insurance Service like?

In February 2020, I thought it was worth a go to get a quote for my insurance, and it was competitive. I had been with a broker for 10 years, but with FSB Insurance Service’s quote I was able to take advantage of the value that was wrapped into the insurance.

What they offered was fantastic and it really felt like they wanted your business. They weren’t just selling a product - they took the time to understand my business needs and requirements. They were proactive and reactive, and Max from FSB Insurance Service was extremely helpful. There was a quick turnaround and they listened to my needs as a business.

What has been the impact of FSB on your business?

I have peace of mind knowing that FSB is a trusted organisation. Not only do I get the cover I need with FSB Insurance Service, but it’s also a trusted provider.

What would you tell someone who is considering becoming an FSB member?

It’s value for money and worth its weight in gold. By joining you become part of the largest business organisation in the UK and there are so many fantastic benefits including a legal helpline and legal hub.

I can make phone call for legal advice and get all the information I need, whereas with an employment solicitor one call might cost hundreds of pounds.

What has your experience with FSB been like during COVID-19?

When lockdown kicked in our Development Manager got in touch about hosting virtual networking events. I had done other talks before so it’s been great hosting the events, and the team have done great work as a region.

Having all the latest information available on the coronavirus hub has been very useful.