How to hold a moving meeting

Moving meetings held via phone allow you to catch up while talking a walk

Moving meetings are meetings held via telephone rather than video conferencing, these meetings allow you to catch up with team members or clients and discuss business matters while taking a walk or moving around your house.

Opting to hold a moving meeting rather than a desk based meeting allows all involved to get away from their screen, get moving and get away from distractions they may face if working from home. These informal meetings not only have a positive influence on the health of participants, they can help boost creativity and productivity through the act of exercise allowing people to think outside the box.

Role modelling this kind of behaviour will encourage others to get involved and grant permission for all employees to engage. 

We have worked with ukactive to produce a guide on how to incorporate walking meetings into your working week. Packed full of advice, tips and guidance you’ll be able to plan a moving meeting from the first to the last step or stretch.

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