How to access SME Finance in Post-pandemic Britain

Webinar 16 Sep 2021

Learn about the types of finance available to small businesses and which suits you best

As the economy reopens, as people return to their offices and workplaces, and as businesses try to return to normality, how can you find the finance you need to grow your business or fund your next project?

In this webinar Richard Grainger – Founder and Director of Clear Idea Finance – will discusses the range of commercial finance products that are available to you, which lenders provide them, and how you can access them.

Richard also gives advice on how to apply for commercial finance. He discusses how to make your application for finance as compelling as possible to potential lenders, how to avoid common mistakes and pitfalls, and how to maximise your chances of a successful loan application. We’ll be joined by FSB Funding Platform, who will discuss the R&D tax credits that are available to innovative firms, and how your business can benefit from the platform.

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