How export finance can grow your business

Blogs 15 Apr 2021

From keeping your supply chain moving to collecting payments in different currencies with ease, FSB Funding Platform explains how export finance can grow your business.

We are in times of change, where the high quality and desirability of UK products are recognised worldwide, and as a result, their demand is growing. The opening of new doors with new commercial agreements leads small businesses to launch new products, explore new markets or develop their e-commerce presence.  

For any such growth initiative, FSB Funding Platform is here to help FSB members to find the type of business finance that best supports those needs.  

What are the benefits of export finance? 

  • It is ideal if you have clients abroad with extended payment terms or are worried about collecting payments abroad.  
  • It can create a cash flow gap during the payment interval between invoices.  
  • It can also benefit businesses that receive customer payments in other currencies. 
  • Used well, this finance solution increases your competitive edge, by ensuring the supply chain keeps moving, and relationships aren’t compromised by delayed payments. 

What is next for businesses that export? 

  • Selling online. More and more businesses are embracing digital and restructuring their company to tap into the world of e-commerce so that they can compete in one of the fastest-growing segments of international trade. 
  • Continuing to sell in the EU. With new rules for trade between the UK and the EU, businesses may want to adjust their supply chain. While business finance can’t smooth over additional red tape, it can help ensure the right levels of liquidity while goods are shipped from their place of origin to the end-client. 
  • New markets. Recent consumer demands and changes lead many companies to explore different routes, focusing on the United Arab Emirates, Latin America, Arica, Easter Europe, Asia, USA and India or even China, in order to grow and expand their business. It is going to be key to understand each market’s culture and explore the market dynamics in order to make the most of the opportunity each market has to offer. Working with experienced finance providers will help your business to be better prepared, whether that’s on your first market visit, going it alone or when working with local partners that sell your products.   

Find the right export finance 

At FSB Funding Platform, we’re 100% transparent about fees and rates, and give you access to the UK’s largest panel of business lenders. Our only interest is in making sure you get the right business finance. 

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Adrian Innes from FSB Funding Platform is an expert in trade finance. We caught up with him to find out more about trade finance, the key things to remember as a business owner, and where you can find more support. Watch our ask the expert video with Adrian to learn more