Glasgow Low Emission Zone - FSB Letter to the Editor

News 14 Jun 2018

Martin Little on the proposed plans

Dear Sir,

Before a Low Emission Zone is fully implemented in Glasgow city centre (“Council warned against backtracking on anti pollution LEZ” Evening Times, 13 June) extra help must be given to local businesses.

Clean air is important to make Glasgow a great place to live and work, and the city’s air pollution needs to be tackled in partnership with firms.

While smaller businesses are willing to play their part, we should bear in mind that these changes could cost businesses a lot of money. We need to give them time to adapt.

Therefore Glasgow City Council is right to take a phased approach to implement these changes.

At the same time, the FSB is calling for financial help to offset the cost for smaller firms. It might cost traders tens of thousands of pounds to upgrade relatively new vehicles, therefore some variety of financial support scheme must be delivered. 

It is everyone’s business to make Glasgow a great place to live and work. If we are going to make our city’s air clean, both firms and government will have an important role to play.

Yours faithfully,

Martin Little

Leader of FSB Glasgow

Berkeley Street, Glasgow