Meet the member: George Kemish

FSB Volunteers 3 Mar 2021

George Kemish outlines how becoming involved with FSB helped him grow his network.


George Kemish owns and runs Specialist Human Resources Ltd in Lincolnshire.
Following a career in the RAF he now provides expertise to clients across the globe, helping them structure their workforce to be agile and leverage the right capabilities and culture to support collaboration and innovation.

At the start of 2020, George was busy implementing a rebrand and working with clients in India and Singapore. Having been an FSB member since 2018, he has enjoyed tapping into the various benefits, especially the face-to-face networking events – that is up until the nationwide coronavirus lockdown was imposed in March 2020.

Throughout the lockdown period, it was proving very difficult to attract new clients. Even though he offered free advice for those struggling to manage remote working, no one took up the offer. However, he has been very active on LinkedIn and has secured some new clients via that channel. He has also focused on building his profile through webinars, posting new content on social media and taking full advantage of opportunities created by the FSB for members.

George has got to know the FSB representatives in Lincolnshire and as a result has taken up a range of opportunities forged by the local and national team. He has enjoyed the chance to speak on local radio. He has also won a free advertising campaign via FSB’s relationship with Mail Metro Media, which he sees as key to his business recovery plan. He scours each issue of First Voice magazine for updates, guidance and ideas. But mostly, he has forged important new contacts by attending FSB’s online networking sessions. As a prime example, he attended a midlands-wide “virtual café” in August where he was able to connect with new people from as far apart as Hereford and Skegness from his desk in Lincoln. He had the chance to pitch his business and services and then follow up with his new contacts on possible collaborations and referrals.

George is now looking to the future and sees huge potential for Specialist Human Resources Ltd as the world’s workforce realigns and his role in supporting clients and contacts forged during lockdown.

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